Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Winter is Here

Weather is still pretty cold here and there is a very heavy frost on everything.  Some sun is peaking through the clouds.

Christmas is over and we had a good visit and dinner and now  all is quiet on the home front......not a bad thing for this old girl!  We still have to dismantle the tree but DH will do that.

We had a near slight emergency before Christmas.  We decided to  finally buy new living room furniture after 30 some years and my requisite with the sales person was that there were to be no special orders.....I wanted  it delivered asap in time for the holidays (we had already given away our old pieces and the living room was bare).  I was promised delivery the very next week before the 25th." no problem" was his exact statement.  Cutting to the chase:  The following week, I called and was told  the chair and ottoman and new cocktail (coffee table to me) table  would be delivered but the sofa would be delayed for over a week from Christmas Day!  I shared my opinion of the sales man telling me differently and suggested that they better train staff if they wanted repeat customers or good word of mouth advertising.  He called me back within minutes and said they would bring me the floor sample to use until the new one was delivered (this Friday).  They did and we were very pleased with that arrangement.

Surprisingly, we both liked it very much in our living room.  I am always so worried about that.  Usually I wish I had picked another style......this time, I was happy.  I think it fits our style in that room nicely.

The pictures were taken before any finishing touches.  The delivery people had just left and I took some quick shots.

 It is now December 31, maybe I can finally finish this post.....

I am still getting my kitchen back to normal and emptying out the refrigerator of leftovers. 


DH is in winter mode of hay feeding and has moved the cows to another section of the farm.  Sometimes if it is very cold, he uses the truck to check cattle.  All is well so far.


Some changes have been  made (after chasing puppies two and three times a day when they escaped their building).  We now have Sugar loose.  She is currently laying by the heater in the kitchen.  She is huge, makes me  think of a Great Dane.  The puppies and their mama now reside in Sugars large pen. They are growing rapidly and are almost impossible to catch once they get out. 


They are keeping us in eggs but not laying heavily.  They still haven't lost all their feathers....maybe these hybrids don't. 

To Do

Make a batch of mincemeat for my Sis and me.

Clean the back porch (got to get ready for using the plant light stand for seed starting).  This will include getting rid of the tall file  cabinet that is filled  with papers that should just be burned. 

Organize and list all my seeds. 


  1. Good to read your post Glenda. I love your living room furniture.

    Glad you had a nice Christmas and a temporary seating arrangement. :-)

    May 2015 be a wonderful year for you and your DH.


    1. Thank you Lorraine. May we all have a super year.

  2. Glad the store 'stepped up' to give you furniture for the holiday. Still it does not excuse their salesman for telling you differently when you purchased! Cold here too. Only 11F this morning. Dry though which is good - no snow. Will be firing up the basement for seed starts soon too. Glad I don't have outside chores to do like you guys. Enjoy the quiet after the holidays. Happy New Year!

    1. Well, they dropped the ball; no delivery yesterday as promised. I will be calling today!

  3. Glad you got a stand in for the Christmas feast. Seldom do you get a "trial" of furniture. Now you know for sure.

    Happy New Year, may it be the best one ever.

    1. Gail thanks for stopping by.

      I do hope we all have a very good year in all ways.

  4. You put me to shame with all that you get accomplished. Love to read your blog especially when you cook ;)

    1. If you knew how much I am on the computer or just reading you would no feel shamed!

      Next blog will be about cooking.

  5. Glenda,

    Don't you just hate it when you're promised something and you don't get it like promised. Good thing the furniture company gave you this loaner. Love your furniture selection, very pretty.

    1. Sandy, they didn't deliver as promised yesterday!
      I am not surprised but still disappointed.

      Glad you like the furniture. We will live with it forever...........

  6. I guess I must've missed this post somehow.

    Glad you had a good holiday and that the furniture arrived in time. It looks really nice in the room.

    1. I have been hitting and missing some blogs too.
      I can't seem to settle into a good routine. Maybe that should be a New Year's resolution.