Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Soap

We are having a cooler period of weather but just got very little rain yesterday evening.  We will see what today brings. 

Yesterday morning, was a typical one:  Went out early; cleaned nests (no eggs); processed  milk; no puppy time this morning.  then decided to make butter with some half and half and the morning cream.  It didn't make much and took much longer to make, but I did get  about a cup or more finally.

My Iowa sis has become addicted  to my home-made goat's milk soap and she told me she had one bar left so I should get busy.  I couldn't find liquid goat's milk last time  I replenished my supply but found powdered milk and that is what I used.  I changed recipes and this time used Krazo's recipe but used the technique  for  powdered milk.  You blend the powdered milk directly into the warmed and  cooled oils and then add the lye water to that.  It worked beautifully.   This way you don't have to worry about the lye scorching the milk (I know Carolyn doesn't do that ice thing, but I always do and still have had some problems  with it).  The only negative is I like that tan color and this doesn't have it.  It seems to be a creamy light yellow.

I also increased the recipe by 25% so I would have more soap to  share.

I used the last of the lye so I called the local Ace Hardware and they ordered me more.  I will  pick up all of it Friday.

I ordered some interesting supplies from Bramble Berry.  I will be making chapstick next.  I also bought some new nourishing oils:  Apricot Kernel and Avacado.  Both are recommended for 'aging' skin and I qualify!  They sent some sample fragrance oils which I have never used since they are chemical based and I want to keep everything natural, but I am getting antsy to try the fragrances.  I may make a very small  batch just to use them.

I was tired after all that so lunch was very simple but I made myself  do a chicken pot pie for the evening meal.  I had cooked and boned the chicken earlier. 

For breakfast this morning I used the leftover biscuits by splitting and buttering (thank you Jewel) them and toasting them in the countertop oven.  We enjoy them that way very much.   Also had scrambled eggs and bacon.

DH has gone outside to do morning chores so I better follow.


  1. That's a good idea about using the milk powder right in the oils. I thought about adding the liquid goat milk to the oils before, but then I'd have no liquid for the lye, although I suppose I could use 1/2 the liquid and dump the lye in that (and also use 1/2 the milk in the oils). I might have to try that. Wish we lived closer, I'll be up to my eyeballs in goat milk soon. If I ever get up around your parts I'll try to remember to bring you some goat milk so you can keep your sister in soap!

    1. Good news! the soap is turning a nice tan color that I like. I think I will try a small batch with Jewel's milk that is so rich in BF. It should be a creamy color and also good for the skin.

  2. Do you remember the song about Grandma's lye soap? My favorite line was "Little Herman and Brother Herman had an aversion to washing their ears. Grandma scrubbed them with her Lye Soap, They haven't heard a word in years!"

    Grandma probably didn't use goat's milk in her soap.

    1. Mom made lye soap and I still have some of hers.....used all sorts of used grease for the oil and just water. It still is what I use of for poison ivy. Just make a paste of lather and let it dry. I works great.
      She also didn't use a stick blender, or special lined molds; just a wooden spoon, a granite pot and a cardboard box lined with an old flannel shirttail. We are so gullible now and fall prey to all the promotions for 'products'. I get ashamed of myself sometimes.