Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rhubarb Pie and other Daily Doings

This is the view  from the dining room porch just before sunrise.

 It was cool again this morning and still is and it is very cloudy.  I see tornadoes did devastating damage again in the Midwest.

Glad I brought the plants back inside last night.

I picked rhubarb for the first time yesterday after cleaning the back porch bed.  Sadly it is more green than red.  I have tried so many times to grow red and have failed.  I plan to try again.  The green is good; tastes just like it should but it is so sour.  I made pie yesterday afternoon and used a full cup of sugar and it wasn't nearly enough.  I added more sugar when I ate a piece.  DH eats it only if he is starving for something sweet and yesterday he wasn't.  I will freeze the rest today.  I used the last of frozen crust so will be making up a batch soon.

I make the pie like Mom and Grandma did, just fruit ,flour  and sugar, no eggs.  We made gooseberry the same way.  I think I see two wild seedling gooseberry plants in the west fence row.  I didn't cut them down.

This morning while it was too wet and cool to work outside, I made banana bread to use up two large over-ripe bananas.  This will go in the freezer if DH doesn't eat it first.  The loaf wasn't very large.
I like have sweets in the freezer for when neighbors drop  by.

We are now into the afternoon.   It has warmed up to the 70's.  I was dreading trying to start the string trimmer.  But once I sprayed the breather  with   starter fluid, it took  right off. I trimmed the edge of the new bed and the light pole bed.  I hope to mow the middle very low.  I have one stump I need to mark first. 


  1. Dad always loved rhubarb pie. A little sour for me. My aunt would use Karo syrup in her apple pies. It was so good but try as I might, I have not captured her recipe.

    Have a blessed evening.

  2. I've never tasted rhubarb. Mama's cousins who tried growing everything they heard about gave her some once but I was not there when she cooked it.

    I expect your neighbors find reasons to drop by, knowing what treats you have tucked away.

    We had rain and it is cool again. I managed to plant out some rooted cuttings that I held back waiting for the right time so they'd get rain after they went in. I hope a good rain brings out the plants that were waiting to put up new growth when they got a good drink.

  3. Glenda,

    That picture you took just before the sunrise is gorgeous :-)

    I've never grown rhubarb but used to eat my Grandma's Strawberry Rhubarb pie and loved it.

    Those storms were terrible running through the plains.

  4. I have never eaten rhubarb, or even strawberry / rhubarb pie. Weird, I know. My Great Aunt used to grow it in her garden every year, for years on end, and I don't even think SHE ate it, she just grew it because her parents used to grow it. She just gave it all away to anyone who would use it.

  5. Glenda, I don't really care for rhubarb pie myself. I think it's an acquired taste. But I do love strawberry / rhubarb jam! Make just like strawberry jam, except half rhubarb. My new rhubarb plants have all three come up, we'll see if they make it through the summer.

  6. My rhubarb is just now peeking up their heads. I've got cages over them to keep the deer off. I love making rhubarb sauce, rhubarb crumble, etc. (All GF of course.) That stuff is so good for ya. And I like it tart. Nice pic of the sunrise.