Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yard Work Has Begun (and other mundane things)

 April 1, 2015

It is   59° outside and raining.  We are always pleased to get rain in early spring; hopefully it means lots of grass for the cows and no more feeding hay.  It also means lots of yard mowing.  I began Tuesday.  I do it in spurts these days.  I kept seeing something near the mower that needed attention so the mowing became bed cleaning, picking up limbs and mowing combined.

I was very happy to clean off the bed  outside the kitchen that I used to call the Hummingbird Bed but should be renamed, the Ash Tree bed that is now treeless  (needs renaming), and the stump bed where  we ground out the stump when  the large bird feeding Elm tree had to be taken out.  That makes three of several that are cleaned.........all in good time.

This is the old Ash Tree bed. This bed has Black and Blue salvia and kerria japonica pleniflora on the edge next to the drive.  I think the heat of the paved drive as kept the B&B salvia perennial for me.  I have iris planted on the edge near the kitchen drive.  There are several varieties and this is where I relocated (to save their lives from  the ATV)my favorite cream colored iris.  I will need  to do  something in the middle of this bed.....probably just annuals this year but thinking a shrub rose later or even a very small  rose bed with some very fragrant hybrid teas.
The old Humming Bird Bed;  now the Kitchen Bed

I found lilies up about 6 inches, anemone Robustissima, phlox, daylilies and the blooming daffodils all  in the Kitchen bed.

I am showing this picture to give some perspective to where the stump bed is (to the right).
I notice in this shot that the lamiums are showing up better.  One has a pink  bloom.  The tree is a seedling peach that has a few blooms this year.  I think there are three more seedling peaches blooming this year.

I will fill in the bed  with various annuals.

The Stump Bed

The stump bed is filled with seedlings of golden  agastache (thank you Kris) this year, more than ever.  You can barely see them  now.  I hope the rudbeckia returns.  The tiny lilac (repeating) is still  alive I think.  Those are Tete -a -Tete daffs at the edge and I think alliums should be there later. 

The other pics were taken with the zoom across the drive.

The front shrub-less border

This is next to the road where the shrub border used to be:  The lilacs are coming back  thickly, daffs are blooming.  I will try to keep saplings cut out and thin the lilacs.  The rugosa roses to the left aren't leafed out yet.

This is the little planter box (with slave-made bricks) right next to the porch door.  Jack Frost brunnera is beginning but I think the yellow tulips have left me.  The variegated Soloman's Seal is taking over.  I can't identify the hellebore yet.

The rhubarb in front of the boxwood next to the back porch is liking the manure I spread over it before the rains.

I hope this is the spring I can  divide and move some plants:

Annabelle hydrangea
Walkers Low Catmint

One sad note:  I got so tired  of trying to mow down the blasted Cheatgrass (bromus tectorum)  that is up about l0 inches that I know I mowed some blackberries and a clematis that was buried.  I did get most of the garden area mowed.  I hope the cheatgrass doesn't regrow; it normally dies in hot weather.  It is everywhere this year.  No doubt coming from the wide open spaces after the workers cleared so much brush and saplings.  No good deed goes unpunished.


  1. You have been busy. Things are looking good.

    I am an easily distracted worker, too. I may begin one spot and see this or that and end up working in a circle but do get it done. Mixing it up seems to make it less of a chore.

    1. It still is a chore but when the weather is nice, a pleasant chore.

  2. Good morning Glenda ~ It was good reading about and seeing what you are doing in your different garden beds now that spring is springing. I always enjoy visiting and getting inspired by you.

    Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

    1. We are heading into my favorite time of year! You are the inspiration.

  3. Love your daffodils, love visiting your flower beds. I call it 'Stick Patrol' so picking up limbs sounds less like real work.

    I hope you get peaches on your seedling trees. Seedling peaches are not as fancy as those with names, but they sure are sweet and good. .

    Speaking of Hummingbirds -- I saw one this morning. I heard him in a small pecan tree near where I was pruning. Then I saw him as he flew high and fast, away. I hope she was building a nest in that tree. I don't put out sugar water any more, it takes more dedication than I can muster to keep fresh sugar water and not let it sour and poison their little livers. I do try to insure there's always something with blooms where they can nectar and I know there are plenty of gnats for them to eat.

    1. We won't expect HB's here until the last of the month. DH will still do our feeders. I mix the nectar and he cleans and fills.

      We don't have nearly as many limbs down since we got rid of most of the Elms.

      I hope to spray the fruit trees so maybe I can get some nice ones. I still have three purchased peach trees that I have yet to have fruit from. Something gets them every year just before the are ready to pick!

  4. Glenda,

    I love spring, just don't like all the grass cutting. Speaking of that, like you I getting the tractor out after typing my comment to cut the grass Again!!!

    Your new header for your blog is really nice, those are some really great looking turkeys.

    We haven't seen any hummingbirds here yet, I need to make up some sugar water and hang my feeders.

  5. Wow, I am amazed at all the flowers and growing things you have!

  6. Love seeing all the pictures....just about my favorite time of year. Thanks for commenting on my blog...going to try to post more!

  7. No yardwork here - cold, rainy days, lots of wind. Lots of branches to pick up this spring. Envious of your 'perennial' B&B salvia. But I've got 6 plants from last year going in the basement. Saw 3 wild turkeys hot-footing it back from the golf course, past the house and across the road. Wonder where they were going? So glad your red rhubarb is doing well. Mine are just pushing through now. I'll have to cover them from the deer.

  8. They said on the Tulsa news last night to get the HB feeders out, but seems a little early to me.

    There's a site named Pawsitive Experience that says Cheatgrass is dangerous for dogs. I fight the dang Bindweed and, of course, Bermuda grass. Wouldn't life be grand without stuff like this?

    The yard looks great. I'm forever getting sidetracked, then forget what it was I originally set out to do. I guess the mower sitting right there would be a good reminder though!

    My Walker's Low is still doing great and anemone robitissima is up good. Hoping to see flowers on my new iris this spring,... I can hardly wait. Your rhubarb looks wonderful, my little new ones are up, hope they survive the summer this year.