Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 30 - May 2 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The last day of the  can that be? 
The last two days have been very cool with lots of dew in the mornings and  then very nice in the  afternoon.  Tonight should be our last 40° night....I hope.
I have been trimming an hour or so each day and am finally getting something done.  I just have  to  not think about  the entire job.....just plug along and do my 1-2  hours daily. 
I also mowed around the back yard and garden yesterday.
In bloom:

The patch of red oriental poppies:

Lisenby (neighbor)  iris in the kitchen bed:


Lamium groundcover in the same bed:

Iris Immortality in the old Ash Tree Bed  (maybe the Kerria Bed now.)

From 2015-05-03

Kerria japonica pleniflora

A samll patch of Dame's Rocket here and there.


On the garden fence (all  trimmed and  weeded but not mulched yet)

A clematis whose name escapes me :

I have been tying up clems and trimming (this should have been done two months ago before new growth).

The oldest rose  I have planted in the 90's, Old Blush or the The Parson's Rose, a China but does well for me in this sheltered location,


May 1 2015

I went out fairly early and planted 4 bunches of Candy onions.  I know I am extremely late but  will see what  happens....just a lot of very small but sweet onions I am sure.

I decided to finish mowing but the rear tire was way down, after making one strip around the west side of the drive (I forgot about the tire!), the tire was off the rim!  DH took it in to have it fixed.  It was late afternoon  so mowing will wait until tomorrow.
The results of the flat tire:


I have the string trimmer reloaded with string and gas so it will be ready to go when the grass dries.

Random Thoughts

When Jean showed us the labels for  storing things in the new Gator building, I had to laugh.  Just recently, I labeled all the drawers on DH's chest so he would quit destroying the order and forever saying he was out of something!  Well, it has worked like a charm.  Why did it take me so long to figure this one out!  It doesn't look too bad and I am  not fussy about decor.


  1. Labels are very handy!

    Your flowers are beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. Your blooms are all lovely. Hope your sweet onions do well in spite of their late start.

    My weed eater is electric. I cannot use it more than an hour as my arms start to tremble. My muscles in both upper arms are sore from what I did the other day. The gas lawn mower that I've used for years and years, usually starts with the third crank, this last time it took 4. It wears me out. I'll be happy to have my new elec. mower. It should be at HD tomorrow.

    Great idea with the labels. I missed that post of Jean's.

    Hope your week is a good one dear Glenda.


    1. I can still start my pull-type things but I use a starter fluid first. I can use the trimmer a little more than an hour but being on my knee is the real problem. I am almost disabled in the afternoon. Usually a night's rest and I can go again for a couple of hours.

  3. Glenda,

    I love all the pictures of flowers at your place.
    Labels are a great tool, especially as one gets older.
    I label everything :-)

    1. I am beginning to realize that! My Sis just sent me a flash drive of her recipes and she cautioned 'don't loose it!' I called her back and told her where I was storing it so one of us would remember! She said that didn't guarantee anything! How true................

  4. Everything looks great! I had very few poppies come up this year but I have two that I think will be the big orange or red ones. So far no flower buds though. I really love how they contrast with purple Dame's Rocket.

    I have quit trying to grow Candy onions, I just can't get them at the right time here in Backwardsville, and I don't need a big quantity so can't get a price break by ordering them directly.

  5. Give the poppies some time. I didn't think I had many now I see them everywhere and so thick I could lift and move some.

    I haven't planted my onions on time the last two years. Maybe if I would prep the garden in the fall, I could get a jump on it.

  6. Wonderful flower pics, Glenda. None of the dame's rocket I planted a couple of years ago survived. I guess the deer ate it (my answer for anything bad around here). Love love love the poppies. :-D