Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Good Day

Yesterday was another good day on the farm.  The weather was perfect for working outside.

I managed two good hours of weed whacking and mowing.  Even though rain is predicted, I watered the two roses on the garden fence, the Aloha and the heirloom rose.

The fence man returned (no truck mishaps this time) and we had him take out the half dead evergreen tree on the east side of the smokehouse and the seedling tree let go way too long on the north side.  DH didn't like that it was rubbing the edge of the shingled roof.  Both are now piled neatly until he returns to haul everything back to the brush pile.  I plan to follow Ilene's advice on how  her DH attached a cattle panel to the wall for the two clematis to climb on.  I have the panel and the scrap I will see if I can motivate DH to help me.

I hated to lose the tree, sort of, but it self-seeds like crazy and was also shading the south edge of the garden and there was the roof issue,

The monster pumpkin vine is starting to die a natural death.  I have harvested a few more and don't know how many are still hidden from view.

I will work up the one showing damage on the bottom.  This is always the weak spot unless I have been diligent and placed the fruit on a pile of straw and I have not.

My current project is to figure out what and where to plant something to shade the very naked new porch. 

All from the farm, 


  1. Terrific shot of the house/porch. Are you looking for a taller (30') tree for summer shade? There are some lovely crapapples would fit the bill, nice flowers and fruit for the birds (and jelly). Some are wide, you'd probably want something more upright. Looking forward progress reports on the clematis trellis project.

  2. Always good to read about and see pictures of what's going on at your farm. You inspire me dear Glenda.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. I can see all your work. Things are looking great and almost put to bed for the winter.

  4. In the spring, you're going to be very glad you got all this (hard) work done now!

    If you save some bigger tin cans, you can place the growing pumpkins up on them in the garden and that keeps them growing a little more symmetrical (no flat spots) and keeps the potential rotting spots from forming. It really works . . . 'course, I've had some pumpkins that fall off their cans a time or two and have to be "re-seated!"