Sunday, October 25, 2015

Minimal News from the Farm

The cold front arrived.  The temperatures  will not be above 70° all week  with nights down in  the 40's.  Still no frost or freeze in the forecast which is a little late for us.

This reminds  me  DH is needing new insulated coveralls.  He will remind me soon.  We set the trap in front of the gas tank but haven't checked it yet.  I am encouraging him to shine his spotlight out the back door for me.......he checked; nothing. 

Nothing new on the home front except for me making English Muffins  (2nd time) I also made two loaves of Oatmeal Honey WW bread at the same time.  When I finished I was have to cook the muffins on a griddle and stand over them all the time.  The good news is I was  very happy with the results.  I vowed never to make them again.......then we had a half split with butter and orange marmalade....I might do it again.....maybe.  What has peaked my interest is making orange marmalade.  I have found a recipe but will have to make a grocery run first.  I had bought a store brand  of marmalade for the muffins and we both liked it very much.

The yard and garden are now pretty much in fall mode.  I did catch a self-seeded Laura Bush petunia in the middle of a patch of weeds.  The color isn't true but is much nearer the fuschia of Laura Bush.  I hope she has self-seeded in other places because I am sure this one won't make it before a freeze finishes it off.

They finally got around to finishing our new road topping. Doesn't it look nice?

Have a peaceful, happy Sunday.


  1. That Laura Bush, you never know where she'll turn up but it's always a joy to see.

    I cannot imagine how tasty a homemade English muffin must be. I remember the first time I ever heard of Orange Marmalade. One of my half brothers married a Florida girl and she introduced us to the idea.

    There is a 'patch' on the way to my neighbor Willine's house where a man separated out the Mama cows in his herd with baby calves. It's a sight to see, 10 little black calves in a bunch, playing under Mooma supervision. He-Who and I discussed how much we loved little calves but there were too many down sides to the rest of it..

    1. So far, DH doesn't mind the work of it; so since he is doing it, I will stop pestering him about selling.

      My Sis thought I wouldn't like marmalade; said it was bitter. She was wrong. Not bitter and we both enjoyed it. I must quit reading English novels and period pieces. I was researching what they meant by a cup of chocolate for breakfast (not quite like ours) and tea cakes; then the English muffin with marmalade and the coffee thing. All from latest: I ordered ground chicory to make my own New Orleans coffee. I have no control when it comes to foods....

  2. Gosh those English muffins look beautiful. Oh how I wish I could eat them. *sigh* I drove Mom up to Hartville Friday and found that they'd put fresh blacktop on the route. Smooooth ride. I always think that new blacktop makes the Fall leaves look so much nicer. It was a brilliant day and the colors were great. "Not get above 70?" LOL Temps falling into November here. More freezing nights ahead. My trees are all turned now and yesterdays rain (1/2") really knocked down a lot. Ah well..... Enjoy a muffin for me.

  3. I wish you could eat them too! I will have to limit myself. We are very happy with our 'new'' road. It was getting pretty ugly.

    My Sis called this morning and they had a hard freeze. She warned me to be ready....means I must pick up the dug sweet potatoes today. She is in the Des Moines area.

  4. I need to find the kind of orange marmalade you have . . . I've always thought it kinda bitter, too. 'Course, I think you could spread 'bout anything on one of those homemade English muffins of yours and I'd eat it!

    We have a warning of possible s-n-o-w tonight (eeep!). 35 degrees now at almost 7:30 p.m. I think fall may be over for us.

    1. I just bought the GV Walmart cheapest brand. Be interesting to see if my DIY is bitter.

      Snow! Doesn't sound like fall to me in the Great North Woods! or maybe it is.

  5. Marmalade will not be bitter if you make sure you don't get any of the white pith under the peel in it. I was in the habit, a few years ago, of "zesting" oranges before we ate the insides, and then keeping the "zest" in a jar in the freezer for marmalade when I had enough accumulated. Haven't done that in awhile, Hubs doesn't like orange marmalade. I think you have to expect that it will have a strong orangey taste from the zest. Some people love it, some don't. It got to 35 here last night, but there are no frost warnings in the forecast.

  6. Interesting about the marmalade. The recipes I checked just said to slice the whole orange l/8 inch thick so the pitch woudl be there.....
    We didn't get that cold here, just 40°.