Saturday, January 9, 2016

Winter has arrived

I tried a few  days ago to post but things interrupted.   I will try again this morning.

Granddaughter is still sleeping; DH is doing chores; bread is rising so I am hoping I can get done.  (just had to stop and punch down dough and make into loaves). 

Winter has arrived as promised.  We are in the 3 inch zone but if it keeps this up, we may get more.  It makes everything look beautiful but I don't have to be outside in it.

DH is doing his cow duties in more comfort.  We found a very clean and hopefully sound 3/4 ton farm truck with a  hay feeding bed so he can  now be warm and dry.  He doesn't want to give up the  cows so now I won't worry about him so much.

and this shows the bed,

He can either stand outside the truck and use the remote or sit inside and use it.  Until he gets more practice, I think he will stand outside.

The cows are doing great but we are feeding a lot of hay so I have my fingers crossed!

Chickens are keeping us in eggs plus enough to share now and then.

This morning I have bread going.  I can't seem to keep enough ahead with company.  This is Hodgson Mills white bread that makes three loaves.  I did add some  oat bran to it.

I don't make resolutions for the New Year because I know I will not keep them. I do have one in mind:

Make a batch of soap a month (longer cure time is always better)

Maybe take up a new hobby besides reading.....

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Stay warm. Although the temps are dropping, the snow has not shown up yet.

  2. I read your blog but don't post. Good to see a new post from you. I love when you talk about baking.

    1. Well, I am glad you enjoy reading whether you post or not. I probably blog about baking more than anything because it is my favorite kind of cooking!

  3. I love your header. Hubby's truck looks great and will be a real asset to your farm.

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Really enjoy reading of your every day happenings. Glad your hubby got the new truck that will make things easier for him. I think when we start "giving up" on things, it's the start of the end. So I'm glad to hear you're not giving up on the cows. Even though doing farm/homestead/livestock chores in the winter can be a pain in the patoot, it still feels good to get out and know you're taking good care of things.

  5. We are very cold here this morning, the heat pump has been laboring trying to keep us warm. I turned on the oven (it's electric so not as unsafe as gas would be) and lit a few candles for a little extra heat. Hubs said he'd start a little fire in the fireplace insert.

    I need to bake bread today. Hubs has finally abandoned buying that fake "wheat bread" at the store and is happy to eat the bread I make from grinding wheat berries. I use a ratio of 3.5 cups of whole wheat and 2 of white enriched, and get a decent rise that way. That's about 60% whole wheat which is more than he gets from store bread, by a long shot. I make it in flattened buns, we slice them in half as we need them for sandwiches and toast or just eating out of hand. Less mess with crumbs and therefore less waste.

    So glad to see the purchase of the truck, that will help sooooo much.

    We are just "holing in", waiting for winter to be over. I'm starting some wintersowing jugs but otherwise not being worth much. Ordered some Edgar Cayce books. The one I'm reading now is very interesting.

  6. I'm so glad that DH found a good vehicle to help him with the cattle. It would be a shame if he had to give them up. Happy for both of you: happy cattle, happy husband, happy milkmaid! LOL

    I made 2 loaves of sourdough spelt bread yesterday. The side of one 'blew out' like yours. I have to remember to mist them before going into the oven to keep the crust from 'setting' before the rising stops. Glad I can make 2 loaves every couple of weeks instead of as often as you have to do. (I freeze mine.)

    Mild here right now but the jet stream will sag over us today. High wind warnings, bitter temps to follow. Brrr. Stay warm.

  7. Glenda,

    You can say winter's arrived for sure with all that beautiful snow. I love your new header picture with the Cardinals. Congrats on finding a truck to work on the farm, and make life easier for DH. It does make a difference when you have the tools you need to help work on a farm.
    I pray 2016 is a better year for all of us. Stay warm, don't work to hard.