Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Beautiful Sunday Morning in the Ozarks


I could see the pink through the kitchen curtains and tried to capture it.  It is times like these I wish our power lines were all underground.

Yesterday was another perfect day and I managed to work outside over two hours.  I planted three different kinds of lettuce and trimmed 6 or 7 clematis and the Annabelle hydrangea.  Now I need to pick up all that debris.

Max just came in and told me it is getting windy so I may not do much outside today.  The wind is supposed to be bringing heavy rains, fingers are crossed.

My little garden plum tree is loaded with buds and I am afraid it is going to get caught by a hard freeze again.

There are just some things we cannot control.......

I have some chain -saw pruning to do.  I will use the smaller electric saw.  Maybe I can get Max to follow along and pick up the litter using the mower and the garden cart.

I definitely need to start some egg plant seeds today.  I wasn't going to do any this year but have seen some interesting recipes for eggplant.......I now have three different varieties to try.  These will go under the lights on the back porch, but first will  sit on top of the lights for bottom warmth.

One of the Korean boxwood's near the back porch (aka the patio area) are just beginning to bud and I can smell them!  If Seedscatterer hadn't mentioned her boxwoods with scent  I would never have tried to chase down that fragrance!  Thank you Jean.

OK, now for the fun stuff.  I am loving  the Cuisinart ice cream maker and have to fight myself not to use it too often.  Then I tell myself it is a good way to use extra milk, cream and eggs........

This is the machine.  The only negative is storage....of course it went on the shelving unit along with a gazillion other things.

This is stage one, foamy ( I think this is foamier because I went heavy on the cream rather than the Milnot which I will not do again for caloric reasons and that is what we are used to).

and the finished product:  from start to finish just around 30 minutes,

I use a recipe that my Sis has worked on but I modify it by using Milnot in place of the cream element (except for yesterday.  the cream certainly did not hurt the flavor).  Her recipe overfills my unit so I have to cut back the amounts a little.  I need to work that out to an exact thing and then write it down for posterity.

Happy Sunday!


  1. And now you're making ice cream? Not fair! *wah* I want a cow! *slap slap* Oh, there, that's better. Was going a bit crazy there. Gosh, Glenda, you just amaze me. All that work done outside and then ice cream? I want to be just like you when I grow up. Hope you get some rain... :-D

    1. But without my aches and pains and dizziness!

    2. Oh, I already got that stuff....

  2. What a lovely sunrise. I too wish I could make powerlines go underground. :-)

    Homemade ice cream in 30 minutes. Wow.

    Have a great upcoming week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Another beautiful morning here. Hope your painting is going or has gone well.

  3. My, my, that ice cream looks delicious.

  4. Really enjoy hearing about and seeing spring come to your part of the country. :o]

  5. Glenda,

    Love your sunrise picture! Sure signs of spring knocking at our door with green grass, flowers starting to bloom, and rain. Plenty of rain this week down here, and it's heading your way. Pray we don't have tornadoes.

  6. That's a beautiful sunrise! I have the same problem with power lines in my line of vision, too. Both east and west of the house. We're supposed to get rain all week long. Ugh. Hope they got that forecast wrong! The ice cream sure looks yummy! BG was just saying the other day that he was getting hungry for some homemade ice cream. I think that was a hint! Ha. Take care and have a nice week!

  7. Hi Glenda, I just read your last several posts. All of the things you get done in a day still amaze me! Your ice cream looks yummy! I have some lettuce, spinach, peas, and carrots planted. They aren't up yet, but I have some volunteer lettuce coming up in a tub where I let some go to seed last year.