Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lots of Chores Done

I had a super good morning after a very crummy night.  Still having sleep problems but I survive!

Today was a beautiful sunny and warm day.  It wasn't windy at all when I went out at 8 AM.  First on the list was to skim  the previous  milking.  I ended up with 2 full cups to go with the two cups in the fridge.

Next on the list was dormant oil spraying.  With our many drizzly days and high winds this was the first time I saw a 3-day window to get this job done.  I couldn't do the peaches and plums because they were in full bloom but I did the apples and pears and one prune plum which blooms late.  A first for me!  I hooked up the garden cart that had the sprayer in it and loaded the battery and hooked it up and it was a go the first time!  Usually I have to charge the battery but it held over the winter months.  I mixed the oil and began in the garden first where I have two pears trees that are just showing buds, no color at all, and there is one apple with nothing showing.  Then off to the orchard where I discovered an iffy tree had died over winter.  I sprayed a peach that is a late bloomer, a prune plum and another apple.  Two plums Superior and Shiro were in full bloom.

I have more fruit trees to plant:  A yellow delicious, an Arkansas Black, a Red Haven peach, a North Star Cherry and a Wilson  Delicious Apricot.  My old apricot tree is about half dead and we were worried the cherry tree was fading.

I decided the entire orchard needed  mowing so I disconnected the garden cart, lowered the blade and mowed .  I headed back to the garden and mowed around it.  I discovered a few short asparagus tips that I will keep my eye on.  Several have died out but I have two nice clumps left.

Was going to mow the front yard but was very low on gas so decided to quit for the day.  Max will have to fill the mower for me.  I can't handle those 5-gallon cans.  I need to check  we may have gasoline in the tanks out back that just have hoses that I can fill with.

I came in and made butter.  I got 11.4 oz. from l quart of heavy cream.  I am getting quite a supply in the freezer.  Max said the calf is starting to take more milk so we may have to start separating them  the night before we milk.  But as it is, we are getting more than we need.

Miscellaneous pictures:

This is the seedling peach outside the kitchen.  It had a few large peaches last year.

This is a new flat-cupped daffodil that was in a mixed bag from White Flower Farm:

I wanted to take more of the different daffodils but the wind got up extremely powerful this afternoon and it was impossible to hold the  bloom and photograph.  I hope the wind doesn't bring rain!


  1. The picture of your seedling peach looks so "spring time-ish!" So lovely.

    You really got a lot done today, both inside and especially outside. You're getting that jump start on spring chores that most of us are eager to get to.


    1. The real blessing is that I felt like do the chores!

  2. I always enjoy your posts Glenda. Your peach tree looks so pretty covered in blooms.
    Fresh butter sounds delicious.

    Happy Spring to you ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you. I enjoy yours too Everything is looking very springlike here but our last frost free date is actually April 20 and I use May 10. We will be zapped several times I am afraid.

  3. You have been really busy! If we don't get a late frost we are going to be extremely busy putting up fruit this year, aren't we? But won't it be nice to have all that in the pantry? Hugs xoxoxo

    1. You can almost bank on a late frost here. In fact, I see one listed in the next few days. I just hope some fruit survives.

  4. Glenda,

    Nickname: Busy Glenda :-)
    I would love to have some of your energy girl.
    You just keep going like the energizer bunny :-)
    Love hearing about your trees and flowers. What a beautiful daffodil. I have a rose plant sitting on my patio, I'm going to have to move it in the weather people say to expect a freeze on Friday.
    Cutting grass already? I did the same Monday morning, gosh darn that grass was thick!!!

  5. I really like that bi-colored flat-faced daffodil. Very striking! Also striking is the inordinate amount of work you got done. You are an inspiration to us all. I hope your spray does the trick and that you get tons of fruit this year. But then you'll have to process all the bounty when it comes ripe. Never fear - like Sandy says, you're the Energizer Bunny. (You better get some naps now and then to keep up your strength. :-D )