Saturday, April 9, 2016

Almost a Month between Postings

I have set a new record(low) for posting.  Not by choice. I have had non-stop company for two weeks and one weekend and then more MIL issues plus another bout requiring a trip to the rheumatologist.

I will attempt a  little bit of a catchup,  mostly for my records.

Weather has been very cool and extremely windy.  I did my second mowing (a week or so ago).  I finally planted tomato and pepper seeds and they are coming up.  I used a heating pad on the bottom to speed things up.  I am about a week behind with them.

I gave up planting and finally just heeled in my order from Stark Bros.  I did get 6 each of kale and broccoli planted.

All the peaches have bloomed and now are just have some sporadic blossoms here and there.  Maybe there will be a peach or two not claimed by frosts.

Apricot and plums dropped petals several days ago.

Seckel pear and Moonglow have bloomed, some still on tree despite 30 mph winds.  Kieffer blooms a week earlier and all petals have dropped on it.

The apples are beginning to bloom. (both those in the ground and those still in large pots)

All Clematis are pruned and growing well.
These are two dark purple that I finally had the nerve to cut back to l8 inches.  They have responded well.  I hope I will have lots of blooms.

and this is Jackmanii Superba on a makeshift trellis (that may become a permanent one.)
From Drop Box

I still haven't been able  to trim the beds  but did  cut the dead tops from the agastache bed.

I now have both the golden and the green and think I will leave some green this year.

We had the front shrub border next to the road cut to the ground a couple of years ago and I was worried that I would never see my lilacs again, they are back.  This is the common syringa vulgaris.  I will have to thin it relentlessly but at least this one near the house side is in a good place.

and this is the Persian Lilac,

The old Ash Tree Bed which should now be called the kerria bed is beginning,

There are some clumps of late daffodils blooming.  These all came from a 50-bulb order from White Flower Farm and I love the mix,

Blackberries are leafing out and I see some beginnings of buds.

I am noticing the trees more this year.  The oaks are the latest to bud, the Pin Oak is before the white or red oak and the swamp oak.  The Birch is somewhere in between.  The Amur Maple is fully in leaf.  The red locust is just now showing signs of life.  The Red Maple is start to leaf and has lots of seeds as always.

All  for now.


  1. I like your makeshift trellis, and I think it would make a good permanent one! :) Clematis are so beautiful!!

    1. A majority of my 'makeshift' things become permanent! It needs to be taller so I will have to think about that.

  2. Good to see you back. I love reading your posts.

    1. Thank you. I hope I can be more consistent this season.

  3. Oh, we have maples. So many seeds.

    I had a Jackmani clematis at The Ponca House. It was spindly and thin and then we had some construction done on the house. Those construction workers are so careless! Cigarette butts all over they ground, rubble thrown onto some of the bushes, and they tromped ALL OVER my clematis. Well, I just figured it was a lost cause. Within a few weeks it was sending up sprouts all over the place! I had the best clematis there I ever had.

    Hey, keep an eye on those oaks. Last year my son, who mows lawns as a side job, said there were some kind of mites on the oak trees that make itchy little blister-like bumps on your skin. I looked it up, they're called oak-leaf gall mites or itch-mites and they were wherever oak trees were, all over town. I had never noticed having anything like that before, and I sure hope we don't start having them every year now.

    1. There was a piece in the Springfield paper last year about the oak mites. So far, I haven't seen any here but it could be early.

      I am thinking when the clems get so snarled up with old growth and dead things a severe pruning it a very good thing. I do have two old ones that have been very slow to come is Nelly Moser and Comtesse de Bauchaud. They must bloom on old wood.

  4. Yay, so good to read this spring post from you. A lot is going on there and pretty soon you'll have lots more in bloom.

    As always I love reading about your life there on your farm.

    Love and hugs dear Glenda ~ FlowerLady

    1. Always glad to see you comment! I am thinking the clematis will be next.

  5. Glenda,

    Life always keeps us busy with unexpected company. I hope things are going well with your visit to the doctor. I love the pictures of all of your flower blooming on the farm. As for planting, it's hard with all the wind and this weather. I have tomato seedlings and a pepper seedling waiting to be planted outside. It's always great to hear updates from your farm. Until the next update, feel well!

  6. The visit to the doctor was sort of different. He calls my condition fibromyalgia. I had self-diagnosed (thank you internet) before I went. I am not happy but so be it. I just need to readjust!

    I was all set to do some work this morning but instead we are getting intermittent is also pretty cool and windy. Hope things I going well for you. I will be reading blogs again very soon.

  7. Your flowers and shrubs & vines look healthy and ready to give you great color in weeks ahead! Our early warmth in March forced lots of trees, shrubs and perennials well in advance of normal dates. Now the weather has turned, teen temps, snow, bitter wind. Blooming trees are trashed, magnolias are mush and we fear that the orchards have been set back irreparably this year. Don't know what kind of growth we'll see when real Spring arrives. Glad you are getting enough rain and hope that your rheumatism is back in check.

  8. I know I would melt into a not-so-fragrant puddle in your summer time temperatures, but, oh my, what a gorgeous spring you do get with all the blossoms and lovely greenery. And you have A LOT of it to keep up with. Your place always reminds me of the old-fashioned flower gardens. Hope you can keep up with frequent posts and pictures for the season ahead. But remember to take care of yourself.