Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Yard Tour

Had a good night.  I still wake mid-night  and then finish in my chair in the kitchen....odd, but so be it.  At least, I am sleeping.

It is partly cloudy today and still very cool.  I think tomorrow is promised to be warmer.  I did manage to brave the breeze and do a yard tour.

The first clematis to bloom:


I have forgotten the name again.  One of these fine days I am going to identify all my clems and  tie a permanent marker on them!

There are some late daffs blooming and they all seem to be the same type:

This clump is hiding the compost pile (just barely if you are laying on your stomach in the grass)

These are in front of my Nelly Moser Clematis (see I did know one!)

I should have started this as I came out the back door but here we go now.

We are  down to 4 older cats and for some reason they are now hanging around the house,

This black one is slightly crippled after some injury.  We never knew what.

The old cistern planter and the  surrounding ground is now loosely called my herb bed.  I have chives in the planter and lemon thyme that has survived three winters now.  On the ground on the east side is common thyme, self-seeded parsley, and more self seeded chives.

I usually plant cherry tomatoes in the tub and will this year with basil at the base.

This is one of my two surviving hostas.  One year they just didn't  come back.....never knew why.  This on is Wide Brim from my  Sis.  It is in a perfect spot, full shade and near the hydrant.

I see the Virginia Creeper is creeping back.....can you ever kill it out?

The lilacs out  front in the old shrub border are coming seems to me there are two different varieties here:

This one is first to bloom on the north side

and these are from a thicket of  growth facing the south.  They seem a deeper color and later??? could just be because the north one was not cut  to the ground and is old growth.

I could smell  them from the middle  of the drive!

This is another clump of the same late daffodils,

This is the kerria japonica pleniflora near the drive in the old Ash Tree Bed.  I wanted to show the blooms up close.

It will bloom  sporadically all season.

I have made the circle and here he is again:

I hesitate to show this poor cat.  He is a tomcat and seems to come home wounded on a regular basis.  The side of his neck you can't see looks like something had him by the throat and half the skin is missing.

Another comment on gardening,  I finally got egg plant, tomatoes and pepper seeds planted.    So far not a single cheese pepper has come up.  I am so disappointed.  I called a nursery , the biggest one on town, and they never heard of cheese peppers!  Drat and blast!  I still have some in the freezer but not enough.

Even the Jalapenos haven't come up.  Maybe I am just getting anxious; I hope so.

I am  working on using our excess of eggs.  Day before yesterday I made a three-loaf pan pound cake for the freezer (well, we ate one) and today I mad DH's favorite, chocolate pie.



  1. I wish i liked to cook like you do.

    1. I usually do enjoy cooking, baking especially, but lately I have had to push myself. This is bread day so I will be pushing this afternoon.

  2. That clematis is beautiful! I just love lilacs, I think I could smell them just by looking at the photo. Thanks for showing your flowers, Glenda. Everything looks nice and green there. Spring is such a lovely season, so full of hope.

    1. Joy, hope is what keeps us old gals going!

  3. Love that clematis. How wonderful to have lilacs and daffodils.

    Your poor black kitty, bless his heart.

    That pie looks wonderful and I'm was delicious!

    Have a great day dear Glenda ~ FlowerLady

  4. Clematis may be my favorite garden plant.....until wilt hits which isn't often.

    Hope things are going well with you this week.

  5. As usual, I love seeing every blooming thing in your yard! (Pun intended.) :o] You said your hosta is in full sun? I thought they wanted shade. Oh, I, too, could almost smell those lilacs. Is there a better smelling flower?

    My peppers are slow coming up, too. But they usually are. 'Bout the time I think they'll never germinate, they start popping up. I don't know the cheese pepper. I'm scheduled to start my cauliflower seeds today. Had such good luck growing it out in the garden last year, I'll probably start way too many plants this year!

    Thanks for the tour!

    1. I had to go back and check....should have been full shade! I will make the correction.

      The cheese peppers are a type of bell or sweet peppers but shorter and much thicker walled. Perfect for just the two of us in a salad or cooking. I have given up on the pepper seeds.

  6. Glenda,
    Your flowers are just beautiful, and I bet you can smell them all around your place. I've never planted clem's before, there gorgeous. Maybe next season I'll pickup some seeds.

  7. So much green. So much color. I'm glad your lilacs are doing well - they are sooo fragrant. Do you use all those herbs when you cook? Fresh herbs really do beat dried ones. Mom and I have that same little hosta in our shade gardens. So pretty in spring when the lighter edging shows up so well. Nice little blossoms too. If you froze cheese peppers w/seeds, try sprouting some of those seeds. I can still sprout some tomatoes I dried in 2008 and put them in the freezer. Still viable. Good luck with your eggplant this year.

    1. I may be too late but will get out my frozen ones and give it one more try.

      I do use the herbs. I have a cookie recipe that calls for minced lemon thyme that we like.

  8. Our gardening isn't going so well this year. We lost our tomato plants, we forgot to cover them one night and they froze. I don't see any signs of the lettuce and radishes we planted. The redbuds in our yard are still in bloom, but they are beginning to leaf so it won't be long. I've really enjoyed them this year, it seems like they've lasted longer than usual. I need to bring in a bouquet of lilacs while they are still blooming.
    I haven't heard of cheese peppers, either. I'm curious what they taste like!
    We bought a few more plants the other evening when we made a trip for mulch, so hope to get them planted this weekend. I need to be getting busy, it's a pretty day but my bad ankle has been hurting for some reason and I keep sitting back down. Have a nice weekend!