Saturday, April 30, 2016

What's in Bloom and Miscellaneous things on the Farm

Good Saturday morning!

and it is a good one.  We finally got some measurable rain and no storms accompanied it.  It did turn much cooler which is also a good thing for pastures.  Fescue grass which is the major grass in our area will quickly go to seed if the weather gets too hot.  The quality of it for grazing and hay goes down rapidly.

We have had way too many trips to town to suit either of us......some for MIL.  computer, printer, clock  batteries, alarm clock set wrong.....etc.  Her internet just isn't happening.  They won't come out to check until Thursday of next week.  Also the men who work for the assisted living facility came  and tried.....knowing zero about anything!  I saw a plug laying (unplugged) on the floor behind  her  computer......followed it to its source.  It was her oxygen machine!  She would never have found the issue and she has to have oxygen most of the time.  I plugged it back in and she is now safe.

The other trips were initiated by me....I needed some outside work tee shirts....and Max wanted to check out yard tractors.  I quickly got him off that notion when we looked at those monsters.  They would be nice for a large open space but our yard is filled  with shrubs, flower beds and trees and has very little open spaces.....even the orchard would be iffy.

i wanted to check out mulch at Lowe's but I was so tired after other shopping including the monster mower that we passed.

Maybe we can schedule yet another trip to town!!! and maybe not.

We did get the yard mowed before the rains,

I made two tours the  day before the rains started and in the few hours between this clematis opened fully, The President

These next  two pictures are from the same peony bush.  I don't remember the pinkish buds before,

Remember the budded peony of a couple of days ago?  Well here is what some sunshine will do:

The singles are nice landscape plants because they do not droop  with heavy rains.  Very few are fragrant however.

Another iris opened (and more yesterday but I haven't taken photos is raining),  I call it California Gold  but really should just call it an heirloom.  The previous owner planted it way back


I have very few roses left because of  Rose Rosette Disease but one is a very fragrant rugosa, Blanc Double de Coubert

I hesitate to show this picture because it was taken in full sun and the color is not accurate but most of you are familiar  with it anyway.  This is a bed of poppies, perennial that are being swamped by cheat grass.  I show it for a record of what is blooming when for  my use.

This is my one remaining dark lavender hesperis matronalis, Dame's Rocket.

Nepeta Walker's Low is in full bloom in the Kerria Bed,

This is a very hardy perennial for our area.  I see Lowe's has it around  their drive now.

I found another peach seedling tree.  It is in the chicken yard.  I left it purposely and now it is loaded with peaches.  These seedlings are much hardier that the ones you buy and they don't take that long to produce.  I have peaches on the 4 seedling trees and I don't have a single surviving peach tree on the place. The last one, I see is dying.....

FYI:  I am trying to keep to a spray schedule this year.  I have done a dormant oil and one regular fruit tree spray.  My next is due the first day the sun is shining.  Most of the sprays I use are safe up to the day of harvest and I never spray when bees are present.

Next post will be about the Ruby Locust tree that wasn't  and my first seedling clematis.

Random Chicken Shots

These are just of my heirloom girls, Dominique (also called domineckers and the Pilgrim Fowl)



  1. Glad you've gotten some rain, we could use some here. Today is one of my three days to use the sprinklers and I had it on this morning, moving it from section to section.

    Your blooms are all pretty and how neat that your seedling peach has peaches. I'm sorry you've lost others.

    Have a nice weekend Glenda ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. So they are limiting the days you can water? I didn't realize you were that dry.

  2. All of your blossoms are just so lovely. I always enjoy the tours of your yard and gardens.

    I wonder how your MIL's oxygen got unplugged? That could have serious!

    1. Accidentally, I am sure. Thank you. The way I am taking care of things, it is a miracle anything blooms.

  3. Your peonies are so pretty! I'm looking at buds on mine right now. I had one single, but I'm not sure if it's one of the ones that came back. I lost one, and I hope it was one of the others!

    1. Alicia, I had another single I loved. It was Krinkled White. I may have more singles but I can't remember. I will be watching. I hope you have a single left too.