Monday, April 18, 2016

A Good Day's Work (for me)

Well we have been promised rain but it is beginning to look pretty iffy.....Accu weather says rain in 78 minutes.....we shall see.

Max  and I went out early this morning around 7:30 to begin our chores....his was the cows and mine was gardening.

I wanted to  re-till the strawberries and the east end of the garden before the rains came.  Grass was beginning to grow.  I decided to water the strawberries so I let the sprinkler run while tilling.  They needed it badly;  I didn't water them in when I planted them a few days ago because of promised rain.....

Tilled garden with very dark  red lettuces.  (Note Martin house in upper right hand)

and, at long last and a month  too late,  the Martin House in an upright position.

It took  a long time to get the cow man's attention but he did it!  So I am not complaining.  I will never take it  down again.

I have been working on cleaning the border along the edge of the New Bed and Light Pole bed.  I am happy to report it is done.

This was this morning's work:

and I did this a couple of days ago,

I was happy to see some remaining  peaches and pears after our freezes and  winds.

My first iris is in bloom;  from a neighbor so I call it Lisenby's iris,

Still blooming:  Kerria, lilacs, one lonely self-seeded money plant (lunaria), the ugly iris, two clematis, an odd daff or two.

I will risk planting sweet corn very soon (as the  oak leaves are the size of mouse ears).


  1. You've been accomplishing a lot! Don't you love the way a bed looks after you get it weeded and cleaned up? I may come steal that beautiful red lettuce when it gets just a little bigger!

    1. I have some green to set out that I grew under lights called Grandpa Admire's. I will be setting it out soon. I have to work in short spurts these days, 2 hrs or so tops, but I am happy I can do that!

  2. Glenda,

    Is that red romaine lettuce growing on the left of your picture?
    Now that's what I call've pulled all kinds of weeds and your garden bed looks amazing.

    1. That is red romaine. I have never tried it before. I have done a red speckled one but not the plain red.

      Now I hope to get that garden fully planted. Our rains never came. Sure glad I watered the strawberries good and deep.

  3. Glenda, every time I visit here I am inspired to get up off my behind and do something. I've lost quite a bit of initiative since losing my husband so reading posts like yours inspire me to keep living and doing.

    We've been promised rain too and what I don't hand water or set the sprinkler on, is turning to straw. I'm grouping things more together for easier care for plants and myself. :-)

    Happy gardening and living your farm life ~ FlowerLady

  4. Don't be too wouldn't believe how much time I spend on my behind in my nest in the kitchen reading. I think you are the true inspiration to all of us!

  5. Looks like you got a good start on things and I'm sure by now you're much further into it. I just hate it when badly needed rain is forecast but doesn't materialize. Happens here more often than not. Hugs xoxoxo