Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Day in the Life ---- Rendering Lard and other Day to Day Doings

We are still enjoying very nice weather.  The temperatures are running about 10° higher than the norm.

This past week, we picked up the processed hog our son had ordered.  He never wants the liver or the ground up fat.  I take these gladly.  I made lard.  I placed the thawed, ground fat in  my maslin pan.  Added a cup or more of water so it would scorch on the bottom and placed the pan on low.  I was careful this time to not let the cracklings get to the brown crunchy stage.  That doesn't ruin the lard but gives it a tan  color and a little pig taste that makes it not good for pie crusts.

I have over done that before.  I never use the cracklings (the chickens get that).  It doesn't take long.  I then strain the fat through two layers of cheese cloth and pour into containers to store.  This time, I got smart and put it in shorter glass jars. Easier to dip into.

I just wish I had greater access to the fat.  I have asked the processor but he doesn't save it.  I am betting he has a source he sells it  to if the people don't want it.

The lard from the stores is partially hydrogenated which is what I am trying to avoid.

I finally cleaned the pumpkin patch.  It filled  the garden cart heaping full. Found three more pumpkins bringing the total harvest to a self seeded vine to 13.  All from one seed.  Long Island Squash would always be my go-to pumpkin/squash.  It is a moschata type which are more resistant  to squash bugs.

I am almost finished cleaning the overgrowth of weeds from the  light pole bed around the propane  tank.  Still have some string trimmer work to complete it.

It doesn't look like much but suffice it to say before you could barely see the propane tank.

We have a new varmint laying about the yard.....thankfully he  doesn't eat anything!
This is part of the tree stump that I left laying....every time I mow he gives me a start! I love these kinds of varmints!  BTW, we caught another real one in the live trap  night before last, a possum.

We seem to have an endless supply.

I leave with an interesting view of the sky:


  1. Thanks for another interesting post about your life there on the farm. That stump really does look like some sort of critter. :-)

    Your lard looks good and it's really neat that you make it yourself from the fat.

    Have a nice night and a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you Lorraine. We live a pretty simple life here and we both love it.

  2. What all do you use the lard for?

    1. I use it for pie crusts and most other things calling for shortening. I haven't bought 'shortening' except for making soap in a very long time. I use olive oil, lard and butter. I do keep canola oil on hand.

  3. Beautiful sky pic - such feathery clouds. Glad you are happy with this latest batch of lard. You sure kept an eye on it in the pan! Lots of cleanup here too. My tree people vanished before doing all the trees. No response to calls or emails. I'll never use them again.

    Days are still nice and leaves are starting to fall big time. I hate this election. Some people local are getting vicious. I'm very very tense about the outcome.

  4. Kris, I am continually amazed at the people we hire! We have had the same experience. When someone does a good job and finishes we are thrilled! I would also pass he word around about them. I don't see how these types stay in business.

    My oaks have lost a lot of leaves, but still no color to speak of on other things.

  5. Glenda,

    You have yourself a nice stash of lard canned up there. Overgrowth keeps all of us busy. That's a gorgeous sky shot!