Friday, November 4, 2016

Bagel time

Our cooler weather has arrived and because of all the moisture we are under a fog warning.

We can't even catch a hint of  the red barn behind the Elm tree that we usually see.

I haven't  made bagels in a long  time.  My Sis was talking  about eating a bagel for breakfast this morning I have a batch on the rise!
I did make our favorite Hodgson Mills Honey Wheat bread recipe day before yesterday. It makes  enough for three loaves.  This time I  made two and buns.

Max is the cat whisperer here.  They follow him chore to  chore.  He is also the person who feeds and pets them (when allowed).  This is our senior gray  cat sitting patiently by the back door waiting for his lord and master to appear.

Not much left in the flowers, still loving the intense blue the salvia 'Victoria' gets with cooler weather.  She will soon be gone.  This grouping has white petunias (ss), sedum and two roses that are out of bloom now.  Tomato cages near tree, pruned clump  of Herbstonne rudbeckia,  The remaining green is oenothera speciosa which somehow ended up here from the front  ditch.  I plan to let it take over as a  ground cover.


  1. I envy your bread making. We eat so little bread it isn't worth it for me to have a bread maker and I have no luck at all trying to knead it by hand. Love the gray cat. It looks like one we had several years ago.

    1. We limit our bread intake too, but for us it is worth having homemade. I slice a loaf and put in the freezer. That way we can just break off what we want for the day. We rarely have it with meals, just toast for breakfast and maybe a one slice for a half sandwich for our evening meal. Besides, I love making bread!

  2. I need to use my bread machine again, as the aroma of fresh bread is one of the most wonderful scents in the world, to me.

    Your salvia is so pretty, so was your morning fog, although having to drive in fog is not nice.

    It is still warm here, the a.c. is on. I did work outside in my main garden weeding. What a job! Of course, it has been 6 months or so since I've done anything there because of my feet hurting so much. Now that they are better, I can do so much more and I am thankful.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear Glenda. Do you pet the kitties or do they all belong to Max? :-)

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. I am happy to hear your feet are so much better. I still have good days and bad. Mostly just referring to the fatique thing. No severe pain, thankfully.

      Have a beautiful weekend....bake a loaf of bread!

    2. I am not much of a pet person; Max is! they are his.....he is good with all animals on the farm be they pets or livestock.

  3. Well once again you've inspired me, Glenda. Why haven't I tried making sourdough bagels?? Your's look so tempting. Cool nights (mid-30s), days 50-60s, dry. Good leaf weather. Take care.

  4. Gosh that bread and rolls look delicious!! The only plant that still in bloom here is the Catamint...everything else is pretty much "night night"...:)JP