Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Spring Day in the Ozarks

Our weather has  warmed up very nicely.  We were finally able to mow.

Love the new mower but it is taller......not a good thing for me these days, but I managed.

Mama Pea, the newer Gravely version has some good improvements over the old:  automatic choke, a dial on the instrument side to set the mower deck and it is in inches you want.  Safety feature, the brake must be on to start and off to move.

We had another trip to town to pick up death certificates and check the apartment.  I was surprised by how detailed the death certificate was.  Before we left (after lunch), I sprayed 30 gallons of herbicide in various very overgrown weedy areas in inaccessible for mowing.  I don't like using it, but there were no blooms involved so the insects were safe.  It is the only way I can keep control of these large areas.

I chopped a few weeds from the mulched strawberry bed. I am very happy with how things are looking. This will be the first year in a long time to have strawberries.  My whole family is excited....gram makes them jam!

The yard men came for a few hours yesterday and I am pleased  with how the mulched beds are looking:

               This is the north side of the bed outside the kitchen (formerly the humming bird bed)

This bed hasn't been finished yet.  We will just do a border with iris and peonies and others, about 3-4feet wide.  I just wanted to show how the native Missouri flower,oenothera speciosa has spread.  Curious about the mottled yellow leaves but it still bloom a nice pink and than has a very thick  ground cover.  It is the large lighter green area behind the ponies.

                              This is the south side of the Kerria (yellow blooming shrub kerria japonica pleniflora

This shows the entire bed from the south side.  That is 'red' tradescantia blooming.  This bed will soon be planted with several new  things I  ordered  from Gilbert Wild and Son in Sarcoxie, Mo.

 I am just showing this because I think I see a seedling Long Island Cheese squash amidst the grass.(Lower left side....may be a young lunaria instead.

I am  waiting for a call to cancel Sylvia's newspaper....they make you jump through hoops!

All for now.....


  1. Wow, the new Gravelys don't look ANYTHING like the old clunkers my husband collects! Yes, he has a "collection" but he uses each and every one for a specific purpose. (Plus, it's a harmless addiction of his!) Thanks for a look at your new one. Pretty classy!

    Your yard is beautiful already this season. You have something blooming from April (even earlier?) right up until hard frost. How lovely!

  2. Wow, what a fancy new mower. Glad you enjoyed it on that lovely yard of yours. Your garden beds are looking so good and will look even better when things are blooming like crazy.

    Happy Spring dear Glenda ~ FlowerLady