Saturday, April 1, 2017

Finishing up March

We are still in  a cool and wet period.  Three inches so far.  Things have greened up quickly.  We have mowed one time.

First of all I want to report on the new "yard crew" (2 people).  First day they trimmed and picked up all the debris from the yard.....took three hours.
They were back today.  The soil is still too wet to do digging or tilling. Now, I have a country yard.....which means no delineated beds or formal edgings but since I hope to have them do my trimming (fence rows, front ditch and around beds, I decided to try his suggestion of what I think is an English type of edging.  They dig a flat bladed spade into  the edge around the bed and remove the sod toward the bed leaving about a 6 inch deep trench.  He says once  I mulch (once they mulch) then grass does not encroach passed the trench and he just uses the trimmer on edge to keep it sharp.  I certainly isn't my style but it is very tidy looking. I hope the look grows on me. I know I  need help to keep things under control so I may have change my thinking a bit.

This morning (Saturday) is another very cool and cloudy day.  The Seckel pear and the apple tree are in full bloom and the pie cherry is just beginning.  My plants under the lights and on the patio seem to be at a standstill.  I may move  them back inside for warmth.

I have made butter three times now.  I started by saving for three days but that is too much for my food processor so I am doing it every two days now.

I hope the thickness of the cream shows here.  It is skimmed  in globs that almost stand up on the cup.

 I tried to use both but the mixer was way too slow so I just used the food processor in two batches.  It makes almost before you are ready.


Finished product .  I used the spatula as a butter paddle to work in the salt.

I actually weighed and froze this in 8 oz. pieces....not doing that anymore.

Farm is going well.  We have made arrangements to take two cows to the vet  next week.  The heifer for dehorning and an older cows for a foot trim.  Max will have help for that project.  He doesn't like to haul cattle much these days.

Here is hoping for some warmer days and sunshine!


  1. Hooray that your new "lawn crew" continues to work out. I've never heard of the edging they've suggested for your beds but I think it looks kinda nice. So much greenery in your pictures for some of the rest of us (who don't have that much spring yet) to feast ours eyes upon!

    Your butter is such a lovely yellow color, and I'm sure tastes better than anything you can buy.

    Always enjoy seeing the pictures of your place.

    1. He (the head man) is now talking about how it will look with the beds cleaned and mulched.....promising. I wasn't sure just what he would do. I am hoping once it is all done, maybe I can maintain with just the occasional help. He said he is willing to work that way.

      We are still to wet to actually work the ground but no snow and freezing like you still have.

      Hang on, warm weather is sure to come....Global Warming you know!

  2. I tried that edging last year and LOVE it. It really does stop the grasses from getting in my beds. A lot of work to set up, but then it's actually less work.

    I'd love to try homemade butter. We eat a LOT of butter around here.

    1. Welcome Sue. I am so glad you posted about this edging. I just saw your Sidewalk bed and that is truly the style I love. I hope to have these beds full to the brim this summer. I just wasn't sure how it would appear in my large country yard.

      I use butter in cooking and in eating....almost all recipes that call for shortening too.

  3. So good to see a post from you dear Glenda ~ We sure could use some of your rain here. We were supposed to get some yesterday but it stayed to the west of the state and mostly out over the ocean. Your place does look nice and green.

    I bet you will love your beds edged this way once you get used to it. It will be nice to not have your grass encroaching the beds.

    Your butter looks GREAT!

    Happy Spring and I hope you have some warmer and drier days ahead ~ FlowerLady

    1. the neat thing is not me but I hope it makes the trimming faster. I just can't get it all done these days, about two hours at a time and it takes that long to just do the front ditches for me.

      It is rainy again today....better than dry. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. My mother in law saved the cream and we would eat it with hot biscuits straight from the stove. Yum, yum. I also helped her make butter a few times and it was fun.

  5. I always sample some straight from the jar.....and the fresh butter too.

  6. Hi Glenda, I think the edging will be nice! I think we should try this as it's so aggravating to have grass creeping back into a flower bed. I'm constantly fighting that so we'll have to try this. So you dig a 6 inch edge and fill it with that right?
    The homemade butter sounds good! I haven't had that it many, many years. My mother used to make it but what I remember loving most was the homemade whipped cream she made. Yum!

  7. No, don't fill it with mulch; just mulch the bed to the edge near the ditch. That way when you trim you have a clean cut from the lawn side and don't have to be wary of hitting the flowers. He says he just uses the edge of the trimmer (hold it sideways). I will soon know..

    This made wonderful whipped cream and took such a short time I almost made butter again!