Saturday, August 26, 2017

Late Bloomers

We are having another cloudy, cool morning.  It is supposed to rain later but not much promised.
We really don't need it.

I took advantage of the cloudiness to take a short tour of the east yard to take pictures of a few things in bloom.  Some are looking the worse for wear. I leave the zinnias and salvias for seeds.  I have my best zinnias in years all from self-seeded zinnias from last year. 

The blue are the salvia farinacea which are almost perennials here.  Note the bright colors are the self-seeded zinnias.  I left the dead peach tree for a hanger for bird feeders.  I will have to take it down before too long.

This his spotlighting anemone rosbustissima.  It is a great filler and fall bloomer.  I started with three plants and it has spread nicely.  I saw a hummer visiting this morning.

Another view of the anemone.  I like how it is taller  than surrounding greenery. 
I took this on a sunny day because the blue of the Black and Blue Salvia was just beautiful next to the green leaves.  This one is supposed to be iffy in my zone but had done extremely well here.

Max mowed for me yesterday.   I took a very had fall doing a very foolish thing.  I wanted to measure  the new bed (from MIL) for slats and was trying to prop the mattress against the wall. I had to step inside the bed frame to do it.  That went fine; then I stepped out and snagged my left foot on the bed rail and fell flat on the floor on my left side.  I did this yesterday have bruises you wouldn 't believe and can't
 lift my left arm without assistance....I am left handed.  All is well; nothing broken but I will be several days getting back to normal.  DH was not happy with me for doing something so foolish. I am frustrated by not being able to do things that I have always done before.  I have learned my lesson!

He has more mowing to do today.  I hope I can pick my hoophouse pole beans using my right arm.  I hate to let them go....


  1. Oh dear Glenda ~ I am so sorry to hear about your fall and that you are bruised up and you can't use your dominant arm. I pray you will heal fast and soon be back to normal. The older we get, we have to be so much more careful. I try to move slower and watch where I'm going, but sometimes we just trip ourselves up. It is scary. I wear my cell phone in a fanny pack in case something happens I can call for help. I did fall one time and sprained both ankles, but my dear husband was here to help me up and into the house.

    I love that flower garden and your anemones are wonderful!!!

    Be well ~ Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  2. Thank you Lorraine. I did it to myself and I have promised Max and myself to think before I do these foolish things.

  3. Hate reading that you took a fall and received bruising and soreness. Hopefully they'll quickly pass.
    Your flower beds are a beautiful sight to see. Thanks for posting.

  4. Oh gosh, I hope you heal soon. I took a fall in the spring and landed face first on the took me a long time to be able to life my arm properly. Not sure I learned my lesson about walking in the dark though!

  5. OUCH! I fell like that in the garden, years ago, twisted as I fell, had a "frozen shoulder" for quite a while. An orthopede wanted to do surgery but I didn't do it as I didn't have good insurance. You really need to check it out, though, and find out if exercise is an alternative. Mine gradually got better. Look on YouTube by searching on "frozen shoulder exercises". They have exercises for everything on there and you can see them demonstrated. Just so ya know, the exercise hurts like hell. But if you have shoulder surgery, the recovery exercises hurt like hell, too.

    I think I still have some of that anemone robustissima growing in the cellar bed. I'll have to walk out there and see if it's blooming!

    Do be careful with that arm. Hugs xoxoxo

  6. I did it to myself and I have promised Max and myself to think before I do these foolish things.


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