Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Hosta Bed

One thing I managed to get done between rains was to plant the west berm of  the living  room foundation.
This has been an eyesore that worried me for a long  time.    It finally occurred to me that it would be a good spot for a hosta bed.
I kept my fingers crossed it would not be filled with rocks and roots.  I should have known better.  This was a fill of lush black Ozark soil with nary a rock nor root  to be  found.  The previous owner was a gardener, bless her heart.

I have three more  to put in and then I will mulch it heavily.

These were very nice plants and  some are giant  varieties that will take 5 years to mature.  How is that for optimism!  I  bought them from Gilbert Wild and Son in Sarcoxie, Mo.  I have bought lots of daylilies and iris from  them before.

There are 18 in all. I have two varieties of vinca here and  there that may fight  with them.  I will have to be watchful.

I also bought another rose, Neptune, a lavender hybrid tea that was at the peach orchard.  I couldn't resist the fragrance.  It is a huge potted thing and I want to find  it a spot that  I walk by often.  I am thinking on the east side of the smoke house by clematis Nelly Moser.  This would be on my way to to the garden gate.

I am slowly weeding,  feeding and mulching around some plants:  I have done rugosa rose Blanc double de Coubert, two clematis, and the new Red Haven Peach tree.  I still have lots of bags of mulch left so will be working along as  the weather  moderates.

I promised myself I  wouldn't expand the gardening but what I am doing is trying to consolidate things so that there will be fewer beds more intensely planted and less to mow around....wish me luck. 


  1. Consolidating is a good thing the older we get. Your soil for the hostas looks wonderful. Your new lavender rose sounds oh so nice.

    It is mostly cloudy here today, but very warm and humid out.

    Keep enjoying life there on the farm ~ FlowerLady

  2. One day at a time.....that is how we approach things these days. We are still enjoying each and everyone of them.

    Keep cool and stay out of the humidity if possible.

  3. I can only imagine that bed will look much, much different in a short time. Lots of work, but you know what you're doing.

    Funny day today. We had a low of 48 degrees overnight and today didn't get above 64. A real cool-off from the heat we've been having. Felt good but now, of course, I'm worrying about everything that has yet to mature in the garden!

    1. If it isn't one thing, it is another with gardening. It sure keeps us on our toes. I do hope you don't get early frost!

  4. Glenda,

    You've got a great idea with planting Hosta's around your home. In fact, I may just copy this idea when things calm down here at our place. I've never grown Hosta's before, this will be interesting.

    I love your header picture of your cows :-)

  5. Hostas are easy if you have good soil and shade. I am no expert and mine that I do have survive on their own without much attention from me. These new ones will require more care.