Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Change of Plans.......

....on several levels.  Today was to be Max's work day with a young neighbor boy (19).  I usually fix lunch for all of us the day he works. So, yesterday I made a loaf of banana bread and  this morning I made hamburger buns.By the way this is an excellent recipe if you want buns to be very soft almost like  store ones. These are what my DH likes so it will be added to my files.  It is from King Arthur Flour recipes as Beautiful Burger Buns.
Received a phone call; helper  not coming, Friday instead.

I had planned to work outside.  Went out early and it was mid-50's and blowing very hard.  Not pleasant; there will be another, better day.
OK.  So changed plans.  We went for more bird seed instead.  I wasn't going to feed them in warmer  weather,  but I miss seeing them out the window over the sink.

One thing you have to be on a farm (and maybe anywhere) is flexible.

I moved the Chinese cabbages back to the screened porch and also the tomatoes.  I was able to keep them out  of most of the wind.  Just brought  them back in after several hours out.  It will be near freezing again tonight.

I did my tour of the yard earlier (in  the wind) and will share a few.

 This is a flowering crabapple in the east yard. It is just a couple of  years old.
 I still have several clumps of daffodils blooming.  These are out by the front ditch near the road.
 They are mixed in with these in the same location. the green to  the left  is a very thick stand of old-fashioned lilac that are loaded with buds.  I wanted to thin them but my Sis wanted me to leave them alone and see how they do this year.  The regrowth is due to a very severe pruning a few years ago.

These next two are just to show I have been doing some work!  This is the bed outside the kitchen.  First one is cleaned  off.  ( I planted 10 Asiatic lilies on the edges and a circle of  oriental lilies around the base of the bird feeder (skinny black pole just off center)

and this is the end not yet worked on.  Most of the greenery will stay but a few weeds and stalks  will not.

This clump is almost finish.  They are in the front yard near a very scraggly forsythia and a self-seeded burning bush.

One more showing the two spirea prunifolia plenifolia near the shop.
You can tell by the very spotty grass that I am not a grass person. The previous owner was and I am ashamed of myself that I have let this go.


  1. Oh, those burger buns look so good. I think I'll try to find the recipe for them on the King Arthur site because after using my recipe for burger buns for years, all of a sudden I'm not liking them so much. (Am not sure why the flavor and texture of them changed. Or is it just me?)

    You are far enough into spring time (even though you're still getting freezing at night) that I'm sure you see a million things you could be doing outside now. Your many, many blooms make up for any patchy spots in your lawn!

  2. It looks like you had a lovely day in spite of the wind. It's still cold here, too. I was thinking today that we are almost a month behind our normal temperatures. I sure hope it warms up soon . . . for you and me both :)
    Happy gardening.
    Connie :)

  3. Your burger buns look so good!

    We had strong winds all day Sunday, then heavy rain that evening, and have had cooler temps every day since. A blessing for us down here in s.e. FL, as summer is just around the corner.

    I love seeing the different flowers blooming there for you. The crabapple is so pretty as are the spirea.

    I'm not a grass person either. I'm not going to pay more (water bill) to keep it green, have very little of it and that's fine with me.

    Have a great day today dear Glenda ~ FlowerLady

  4. Glenda,

    You always have or find the best bread recipes. I'm going to look for this King Arthur hamburger bun recipe.

    Beautiful flowers 😊

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