Sunday, December 4, 2011

Biscuits, Cookies and Gardening

For once the weatherman got it exactly right!  He predicted rain early, clearing and sunny and then afternoon rain.
I had cornered DH into helping me pull dead plants from he veggie garden so when the rains stopped I got ready to go out.  I saw a truck pull into the was the fencing man we have been waiting on for several weeks.....there went my garden help!

I have always gardened unassisted so I headed out.  It didn't take much over an hour to pull up all the vegetation on the west side of the garden.  I did leave the row of Lutz beets.  They love the cool weather and the tops are gorgeous.  I pulled a couple to chop for the cow this interesting to see if she will eat them.

I stacked the dead plants in a sort of windrow on the north side of the garden and  will let them compost in situ.
I then used my new ergonomic, arthritis foundation recommended pruners by Fiskar to clean up the 40 foot garden fence.  This meant cutting large woody stalks of poke, KMOTGG that look like bamboo stalks, some roses and some volunteer tomatoes.  I also pruned about 4 clematis.  I am happy to report they worked like a dream!  My left wrist stays tender even on the Prednisone and I worried about problems at all.
I am a happy gardener and they were cheaper than Felcos at around $28.

I still have the east end corn patch to do and will use the loppers (new also) on that area.  The first nice, dry day I get, I will till the area.  I also need to stick some cloves of garlic in.  I am late with that and probably don't even need any but will do it anyway.

Today is roast beef dinner day.  I put the roast in the crock pot with a package of onion soup mix *(and yes you can make your own) and it should be ready around noon.  I have settled on the hot milk sponge cake and will make rolls later.  I love cooking with the crock pot!

This morning I made biscuits again using W-M's coconut oil and once again we like the texture better than lard.  Here is how they turned out:

I set another quart of buttermilk since I was down to a cup left in the jar.

Yesterday morning I made Cinnamon Ginger cookies.  We both miss having a mid-morning snack with our coffee.  I made them with the coconut oil too.  They turned out well. 

From Food

My sis from Iowa called (her husband was at a gun show) and we had a long talk about books.  Our tastes aren't exactly the same but close.  She has Kindle and is loving it.  I have a local library and am loving it! and mine is cheaper......


  1. The biscuits and cookies look sooooo yummy.

  2. Guess I'm making biscuits for breakfast!

  3. Glad to learn that your new pruners are working well for you. It's amazing how some good tools make the job go faster (even fun!).

    Those biscuits look terrific. I've never used a crock pot. I love using my cast iron dutch oven on the stovetop. I set the burner (electric - wish I had gas) to low and let it go. I don't know why I think that running a crockpot for hours on end runs up the electric bill (120V) than the stove (220V)? Can you set me straight?

  4. Have you seen these? I gave some to my Mom who has arthritis in her hands and she loves them.,51810&ap=1

  5. Glenda, I've been making "Ginger Crinkles" for years and they are MY FAVORITE...well, one of my favorites...I'm going to try coconut oil...:)JP

  6. Those biscuits are making me hungry, and I just ate dinner!

    I stumbled across your blog recently, and I am very excited to have found someone writing about their garden in such close proximity to myself! There aren't very many midwest blogs that I have found, unfortunately... I look forward to reading your posts.

  7. First, welcome Prairie Cat. I agree there are very few Midwest or Missouri blogs. Both of our kids went to MU in Columbia, one is now in St. Louis and the other in K.C. They are a generation that puts me in the Grandma category. I visited your blog briefly this morning and was very impressed with all the garden beds...the the basket your friend made. I will be back.

    JP, I like your name for the cookies better. My sis just called them cinnamon cookies.

    TD, I looked at the Lee Valley tools. They are were I bought my garden fork and spade and the wonderful maslin pan. I may have to spring for those tools too.

    Kris, my electric bills are so darned high anyway that I just use what I want when I long as we can pay the bill that is.I suspect it would be cheaper than the range. But using my gas range (propane) has got to be expensive too since liquid propane is very high. You can't be the system!

    Carolyn, hope you all enjoyed the biscuits...

  8. Those cookies look and sound familiar. Is the recipe from Farm Journal? I'm hungry for them now....

  9. Ilene, I got this recipe from my Sis about 40 years ago. I don't know where she got it first. I am having one right now with a fresh cup of coffee....after milking and my hands are numb!

  10. Those biscuits look perfect--better looking than any biscuit I've ever made.