Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shopping Trip to the Mall

Yesterday was just a beautiful sunshiny day.  It was cold, but no wind and the sun shone all day long which has been rare lately.

It was my planned trip to the Mall with my 93 year-old MIL to pick out a bedspread for our bedroom for my Christmas present.  I was dreading it....first I hate shopping and I hate people spending money on me.

We headed into Macy's first because she has a credit card there and lots of coupons for deep discounts.  I don't have a Macy's card... We looked  at everything and I saw only one that jumped out at me.  It was in deep jewel tones...I thought it was way too pricey even on sale so I  moved away from it....even though she kept saying what pretty colors it was.  Then the saleswoman hit us.  I asked for help in selecting one and after a few questions, guess where she took us?  Of course right back to that expensive one (I smell commission in here  somewhere). I just told them both that I thought it was way too expensive. My MIL said that was what a gift was all about and she wanted me to have the one I wanted.....even insisted so I finally caved and just said Thank You.  She said she loves buying things for us and she can afford to.  I hope she is right.

I tried to get a good picture of it but the colors didn't turn out as well because of the west sun shining through the blinds but it will give you an idea of it.  My garishly yellow walls even seem toned down by the new bedding.  I will change them but won't have to be in a rush.

The reverse side is the stripe like the bedskirt.  The wonderful thing is we slept under it and it doesn't slip off the bed like previous ones  have and it is very light yet warm.  I am happy.

We stopped by the store and I bought some baking supplies and we picked up lunch from the deli and went home.  After lunch, I was defragmenting her hard drive and we were visiting in the family room.  She got up to do something in the kitchen and when she came back somehow she trip coming around the recliner and fell hard and hit her back on the edge of the lamp table. I couldn't catch her in time.  It just made me sick.  She had to lay there for a bit and then couldn't get up without turning away from the chair and crawling back to the seat....still didn't have the strength to get up so this old farm gal who has hefted 50-lb bags for feed for 40 years clasped her under her arms and joined my hands in front of her chest and lifted her up enough to get her into the chair.  It  was just about the limit I could lift.  She has been talking about getting one of those call button  thingies to wear and  I told her now is the time.  It just made me so sad that our wonderful day had to end that way.  I checked with her last night and she was doing OK.  She will be so sore this morning.

I told DH that you don't realize how frail (not in size!) that she is until you see her fall and realize she can't get up.  It was a shock.  She is a like me in that it doesn't take much for her to get off balance and fall.  Mine is just a dizziness thing that I have most days so that I watch where I get myself but hers is just a sort of lightness on her feet like she isn't really attached to the ground.  I know I have gone on and on here and you may skip this one but I wanted it documented for my kids and me to remember.

Now if this Christmas present wasn't enough for both of us and it was, she called later and said to be here Friday because DH's present was coming.....bless her heart I think she is getting satellite TV for her TV addicted son.  We had it once and were both too stingy to keep paying for it for it.  It makes me feel slightly ashamed.

I have always know I was blessed in the in-law department and now you know too.


  1. What a wide range of emotions you went through all in one day, happiness, gratitude, fear, humility and more. I'm glad that, in the end, everyone is fine and in good spirits. Yes, you have been quite lucky in the IL department. And, keep in mind, so have they. *hugs*

  2. Yes, you are really blessed to have such a wonderful MIL! But I'm sure she's blessed to have you, too! I hope she's doing okay after that fall. Bless her heart. I hope she gets a call button to wear soon. BTW, it's amazing that she's on the computer at age 93!
    I think your new spread is beautiful and goes really well with your walls!

  3. What a wonderful MIL you have, bless her. I hope that she is ok, from the fall. I have the same problem with my mother, only she is hefty and it is totally impossible for me to lift her with my fused spine, so that is generally a ambulance call for me as she usually knocked out one of her hips out of joint.
    Please take care and please enjoy the gifts, I think that DH and you deserve gifts.
    The spread is stunning!

  4. Yes, you are blessed in the MIL department. Bless her heart, I hope she isn't feeling too sore today and that everything is ok.

    Your spread is really rich looking and pretty. It is a special gift from your sweet MIL.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  5. So sorry MIL fell, you really hate to see something like that with an older person, just makes you feel so bad. The oldsters are fragile. Sounds like you have the perfect bedspread, nice of her to buy it for you, I think it blessed her to give it to you. I don't think Macy's pays sales commissions, but when you buy something, I think they write their name on the receipt and you can call a # and give a review of their service. Maybe they do get some sort of Brownie points.

  6. Glenda, I believe you are blessed because you are an angel in disguise!...:)JP

  7. What a blessing to have a 93 year old MIL who can still use a computer, take you shopping and enjoys life!
    Love your new bed spread too!

  8. I hate that your fun day ended on such a down note. My mom has lived with us for the last six years and so I understand about her fall and all the mixed emotions from your day. I'll tell you like my mom tells me... you have stars in your crown.

  9. Your new bedspread is beautiful. I'm so sorry about her fall. That is so upsetting when that happens. My 84-year-old Mom took a fall this past summer and it upset me so much.

  10. Hope your MIL is doing better.

    Your new beadspred is very pretty, and looks very comfy! My Great Aunt (rest her crazy soul) was one of those ladies that truly LOVED buying people gifts and it didn't really matter the $$. I used to dread shopping with her because like your MIL, she seemed to gravitate towards the more expensive storess and higher priced items when "helping" me pick out a gift. I hated seeing money spent on such frivilous gifts, but she honestly got giddy excited when we picked out something.

  11. New to your blog, but this really hit a chord with me. How wonderful you have such a loving MIL (who is using the internet!!!) and it seems as if the luck/love goes both ways. Trying to lift even a smaller person who cannot help is difficult, to say the least.