Monday, December 5, 2011

First Snow

Monday, December 5, 2011

Well, the cold front has arrived.  It is 27° here this morning.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had our roast beef dinner with DH's Mom and it tasted wonderful!  We hadn't had beef in some time....I served beef (ala crockpot), cooked potatoes, carrots and onions in a separate pan on the range, seasoned with beef broth, garlic and onion powder.  Salad was cranberries (from Thanksgiving and home-made applesauce), roast beef gravy and rolls.  We had strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Two things of note:  I tried a new recipe from the Kitchen Aid cookbook for a sweet yeast dough for the rolls using 3 eggs. I got enough for a muffin pan of 12 rolls and a pie plate of cinnamon rolls.  It is a good recipe.

Second, I will never buy GV (Wal Mart's Brand) of heavy whipping cream again.  It has several additives and I had to whip it forever and it still didn't have the consistency that I was  rather slick.  I don't think I could have made butter with it if I had whipped it all day long.....I need to  check other brands (like Hiland, our local processor) and see what they have added.  Drat Willow for keeping her cream.

We sent home a plate of all things for her dinner today.

Tuesday, November 6, 2011

We have our first little snow this morning.  The windchill was 11° (and it was milking morning).

This was taken standing on the milk parlor porch,looking to the house. 

I milk inside a barn and it really just takes me about 20 minutes to milk so I never suffer from cold and I could turn on a heater or the overhead furnace if  I needed to.

Willow was down about 1/2gallon in milk,not surprising with the cold.

The new coconut oil came today and it does smell like coconut and there is a light taste.  I will be using it for breakfast in the morning just to see if that carries over into the food...will let you know. 

I made pizza for lunch and this time just let the dough for the crust raise about 30 was still very crispy which is how we like it.  Of course, I baked it on the pizza stone at 500° and it cooked in about 10 minutes.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with my MIL.  She wants me to pick out a new spread for our bedroom for Christmas...I am not a shopper and don't do well shopping with interesting to see how that goes. I sound ungrateful but I am not.....I am just shopping challenged!


  1. That pizza looks incredible and extremely delicious! I like your header photo. I used to live in St.Louis and it seemed like the grass was green year round, I miss that. My brother lives in Southern MO in the Ozarks, so your blog feels somewhat like 'home'.

  2. Your pizza looks for delicious! I too make homemade pizza using a stone. Do you heat your stone ahead and then make the pizza on a peel? I'm curious as to how you get the dough to the stone.
    My crust raises 2-3 hours and it's super crispy. Let me know if you want the recipe.

  3. Your pizza looks soooo good! I think my recipe has shrunk...or wait...maybe my kiddos are getting hungrier! :) Regardless...we enjoy homemade pizza!

  4. Glenda, have I told you, or have you figured out on your own, that you're my hero! I've become lazy, wait for you to figure out things that work, and then I adopt your successful ideas for my own. Your "rustic pizza dough" is the go-to dough for pizza here at least twice a month, and it's also the dough I use for my minimum-once-a-week focaccia bread. Just let it rise a second time after rolling out, poke finger holes all over it, drizzle with good olive oil and sprinkle with just a bit of chopped savouries -- olives, pimento, garlic, onions, peppers, whatever. Enough for interest as a side to soup.

    Hope you find something you love while shopping. Regardless, you're so good to take your MIL for a day out! Enjoy the lights and colors, have a good lunch out, and remind yourself that it's the time spent that's more important than whatever gets bought. :)

  5. The pizza looks wonderful. I make pizza using a recipe called Crazy Crust Pizza, it's very good and you don't have to roll out the crust. It's not a really crispy crust, but we like it.
    Had snow this morning. They had numerous accidents around Columbia. I don't think the weathermen were expecting this one.

  6. I use coconut oil for popping corn. It doesn;t smoke like some oils do, or make the pan gummy. And since it's a beneficial oil it makes popcorn a very healthy snack.

    No snow here, and I'm grateful. But 13º this morning. Brrrrrr.

  7. I replied via email on the rest, but I am never sure of those with the 'no reply' label get the answers so I will reply here to Susan.

    Susan, you are in deep trouble if I am your hero.....unless you want to become a crotchety old woman! I am glad to share tried and true recipes though. I have gained some really super ones via internet friends. Glad your family likes the pizza crust. I have never tried the foccaccia idea. I will have to do that the next time I do a pot of soup.

  8. Now you've galvanized me. A year ago I bought a pizza stone, but have never made pizza. What with that stone and my newly-made tomato sauce, I should try to make pizza dough soon. Have you eve posted your pizza dough recipe?

  9. Glenda,
    Love the pizza. Haven't done pizza in a long time. I am now getting moody with my bread, and my breadmaker, which I let do my dough because of my hands hurt. I will have to try again.
    We had about an inch of snow, but very cold, -6*F, some places south of me had -16*F! We are supposed to have more snow Thursday. Welcome to winter.
    Have a great week, Glenda.