Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Catch-Up Post - Feeding Cows and Chickens - Hay

5 AM, (yes, I am sleeping better) 41° and is supposed to get  near 60° today.

Our 'helper/farmhand' called last evening and will be here around 2:45 PM to trim/cut down the front hedge on the east side of the driveway.  I will be on hand to show him what to cut.  Some things will be cut completely and treated with diesel over the stumps and others just cut back to 18 inches or  so.  I will have him cut the rugosa bed down completely, hoping it will come back fresh this spring.

The lilacs will be tricky.  I just want the dead limbs removed.  If you cut a lilac down, it will come back but will take a very long time to bloom again.  The rose of sharon  will be cut to the ground, you can't kill these rascals.

It will look naked for a couple of years but there is so much wild stuff and dead in it now that it doesn't look good.

I hope to remember to take before and after pictures.

I have been doing my every three-day milkings.  Willow is down quite  a bit.  I think it is the new hay.  We will put a different variety out next time.  This means more frequent milkings....every two days for a bit.

The chickens are doing great.  We have 20 hens and some are quite old.  I know the Barred Rock is one of the oldest yet I have seen her on the nest.  The next oldest are the Buffs and they are laying daily.

We got 15 again yesterday and  I just have 9 'new' girls so the older ones are doing great.  The fewest we get is 9 and the most has been 15.  I am going to start collecting during the day to keep the eggs cleaner.  Also, its fun to see who is doing her thing.

I am still tossing them henbit.  I went out to pick up eggs (9 so far)and there wasn't a bit of weeds left.

DH got the bull up and I gave him a off-label amount of liquamyacin.  He is already coming to the feed trough to eat and before he was not.  I will probably give him one more shot Thursday.  The good think about what I am using is it lasts for three days.  The secret is to have a very sharp needle and a large syringe.  I divide the dose in half and inject in two different sites.  Once again, I am very thankful we have the working area with the squeeze chute. 

We are still having spring babies born, one just yesterday .

Our last load of hay is coming today.  I sure hope it is the last!  At least we have a source that seems very dependable and this hay is net wrapped which is a very good thing.  Less waste with the netting.
I hollared at the guys and told them to say cheese!  The tractor guy is mine.


It is a fabulous day 66° with a little breeze.  I won't mind working out with A. on the shrub border.  I took some before pictures and sort of planned what I want done.


  1. What a beautiful day in the Ozarks, isn't it?! I wish we had some henbit growing around here already, I'm jealous!

  2. Can you believe this weather? The van thermometer read 69 degrees as I was coming from town at 2 p.m.

    Just love your chickens-something I always wanted but we have so many coyotes don't know how long they would last. Love fresh eggs!

    Bet you are planning your garden already-do you plant potatoes on March 17?

    Take care.............

  3. Well, sounds like someone is infused with spring fever -- lookit all the stuff you've gotten done. And here you've been saying you're taking it easy. LOL Love the chicken pic. So much so I've snared it and am using it as my current desktop pic. There's just something so warm and homey about a little flock of chickens pecking away at something. I envy you your girls.

  4. Things are looking and sounding great there at the farm. Saved the picture of your guy on the tractor to your folder. You two inspire me.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  5. It was a nice day today, wasn't it? I felt like I should be outside doing some things in the yard. I envy you the chickens, I love fresh eggs. Take care!

  6. Finally, a use for Henbit! Heh. If you're like me, you'll never run out of it.

    So much to do on the farm. Wish I had something, ANYTHING, that was big enough to need trimming! Maybe in a few years....

  7. Lilacs! How wonderful! Sounds like spring has sprung and the beautification is in full swing!
    What variety is the Rose of Sharon?

  8. I wish I knew the variety, but it is a beautiful double rose colored one. I am afraid A's helper painted the stump with diesel so I have probably lost it! One small mistake so I won't complain. I have lots of others in different places in the yard so I can transplant one if need be.

  9. I'm glad it is spring your way. Ours should be coming soon. Your chickens are good looking!