Friday, February 24, 2012

Renewed Front Shrub Border, Cows , First Daffs

I started this on Wednesday, the work was done on Thursday and Friday.

 The weather couldn't have been better, it was shirtsleeve weather both working days.

This was errand day but we gave up after two stores and just come home in time for lunch.  We will finish tomorrow and, thankfully, they will all be local.

I wanted to be here because A(our helper) will be here to finish with my shrub border and some other small chores in the yard.  I have a limb that constantly knocks me half off  the mower that I want removed all the way to the trunk of the tree, another smaller shrub border on the west side  to remove and I think that will catch up all the things I can't/don't want to do.

He did a fantastic job yesterday on the overgrown front shrub border that is east of the drive.  It faces south.  I found out he also works for a landscaper!  Is this boy a dynamite find or not....He  also does painting.  Hopefully we can get him to do the outbuildings shortly.

I took some before and after pictures.  The good thing is I don't think it is going to look quite as 'naked' as I thought.  I left some things completely untouched, trimmed some and removed the weed trees.  He and I decided to leave one that I thought was a wild cherry but he says it isn't.  I am hoping it is something  that I read was a food for a certain butterfly larva.  He will tell me what it is when it fully leafs out this spring.  This is the bark of the tree:

This is taken from the south side or the road  and shows the corner next to the drive.  The top is before and the bottom is after cleaning,

and this is the east edge  where there was a completely overgrown chaenomeles (flowering quince), the old red version that bloomed very little and surrounded by rugosa roses gone wild.  This is the quince,
The area is now completely clear.  I do see small sprouts of the rugosa rose, Therese Bugnet, coming through.  I didn't want to loose it.  It has a lovely double medium pink bloom and the smell is wonderful.
I failed to get a picture of the new area.

 We got 15 eggs yesterday.

 I took this shot that should have gone with my "feeding the cows" episode, but failed to include it.

I took this from the west porch and it is about 6 acres away using the zoom lens.  This is the herd eating the new hay.

 and last but certainly not least, I noticed two days ago two clumps of daffs have opened:


  1. What a treat it always is to visit your farm through your blog. I think you have a gem in your helper and I know you and your DH are glad to have found him.

    I love seeing your cows and your daffs. I can almost feel being there.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. You need to adopt that boy! He's doing such a good job and worth his weight in gold. I agree with you Glenda, that tree looks like a wild cherry. We have one next to the patio and the bark sure looks the same. Our daffodils are up too but the snow we got a couple weeks ago laid them down somewhat. I have several varieties, some miniture and they bloom the best for some reason. Also the hyacinth are coming up now. The deer ate all our tulips the first or second year and I know it's useless to replant since that's their favorite food of all! Made a batch of vegan trail bars this week that the squirrels got to eat... don't ask!

  3. I have made those kinds of recipes before....only my chickens got them!

    I planted a few hyacinths in a half whiskey tub....I need to check them.

    I am still leaning to a cherry tree of some kind.

  4. You've gotten a lot done, Glenda, thanks to your industrious helper. Hope everything grows in quickly for you. And I, too, think that your tree looks like a wild cherry by the bark. However, I have 3 new Prairie Fire crabapple trees and they have the same kind of bark. We'll be looking forward to more pics of yours as Spring develops.

  5. Your post was like a breath of springtime to us up here in the north land! Makes me eager to get out to do some yard/garden clean up but that won't happen up here in our climate for another couple of months. Heck, we're still hoping for the first good snowstorm of the season! Crazy, crazy winter we've had with next to no snow.

  6. I am so envious of the daffs, Glenda. We have nothing to speak of planted here...but we will!...)JP

  7. How exciting to have daffs blooming! I'm glad you and your DH are getting some help for some of those chores.