Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catch-Up Journal - Valentine's Day Baking

I am having blogging issues.....again.

I had a rather lengthy post and I thought it would be saved automatically like always....it was not!
I never hit publish either.....

I will try again.

Happy Valentine's Day!  

I decided to use a dozen of the eggs and made an angel food cake and the 12-yolk lemon sponge cake....it is Valentine's Day after   all and you know I don't need much of an excuse to bake!      
We are routinely getting a dozen eggs a day.  What bounty!

The past week was pretty routine.  We did get about 2 inches of snow but most melted off today and rain is due next.

Our new hay was delivered,
We still need about 20 more bales and we are looking.....

I went to the doctor for a routine follow-up on the polymyalgia rheumatica.  He wants me to stay on the Prednisone for two more months but I am down to 1/2 pill a day, 2.5 mg.  I had a good discussion with him about recurrence of the PR and the negative side effects from the Prednisone but he says I am on the lowest dose and therefore, should have the lowest possible side effects.  I sure hope he is right.

Does  anyone need barn cats??? Here is what greeted me this  morning when I went out to milk.  DH has just fed them or they were waiting for him.

Well, let's see if this one publishes......


  1. The text of this post still hasn't shown up, Glenda. You must be having problems like last time. :-(

  2. I used the day as an excust to bake too, Glenda...I made the Prez a carrot cake and then oatmeal raisin bars (two of his favorites)...:)JP

  3. Your cakes are beautiful-yummy too, I bet.

    We got at least 4 inches of snow and it is about all gone tonight-sunny and 45 here today. Will have shool tomorrow-missed the last two days.

    Have been kind of under the weather so didn't bake anything but did buy DH some sugar free candy-he likes Russell Stover pecan clusters.

    Now that is a lot of cats-cute pic.

  4. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. We had about 2 inches of snow here and it melted pretty quickly today. My favorite kind of snow! Your cakes look good.

  5. Oh my. I count 8 cats! Bet you have NO probs with rodents. :-D

    1. Actually I think there are 9 there and one is missing. She is from a different "hatch" and doesn't mix!

  6. Love the cakes and kitties. Yep, they manage to just "appear" don't they Glenda.
    Has been cold here now, and the snow is still on the ground, not disappearing, oh well.
    Supposed to have "some weather" moving in around Sun and into Monday, snow? Maybe, maybe not.
    Have a wonderful, week.

  7. Running little comment test here.

  8. What a great and yummy way to use the leftover yolks from an angel food cake! I was wanting to make an angel food cake recently, but had no clue what I would do with the excess yolks.

    And oh wow! Cats galore!