Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catch up Time Again.

This covers from February 25 up through today, March 5.

First, it is a very disagreeable day!  40° and windy....I got numb just going to the barn to milk this morning.  Willow was down just a bit, but not bad considering the weather.  She does have shelter but often doesn't choose to use it.

Sugar has now graduated to going outside on her own for 30 minutes at a time or more.  So far, she has come every time I call her back in. She does go quite a distance back on the farm.  I think the exercise is good for her.  She expects her little treat of cheese when she comes back inside....and she gets it.

Most days have just been filled with normal daily routine.  We did get some things accomplished....I should say we had some things done.....

Our men built and hung the funny shaped door on the east sheds.  The old one was sound but looks shabby next the the two new ones.....so we replaced it.

I need to do some trim painting this spring; DH will do the scraping.  There are 4 more bays on to the right of these doors and we plan to have doors hung on all of them.  We are petty close to the road and I like having everything out of sight and locked up......also the messes won't be so apparent.

I also visited with him about doing my bathroom and he says he can be available in about two weeks so I told him  to plan for it.  Now I have to pick our tile for the shower and floor and new fixtures.  Also do I use a preformed shower pan or have them do one and tile it?    I hate decisions but must do it if I want this done.  I like the idea of the tile floor so matching the shower walls should be easy.....
I hope to start shopping around this week.

I splurged a little on the kitchen and ordered new flatware and place mats and a matching rug. This was all DH's idea; he was so tired of our forks and mentioned that the place mats were getting a little sorry looking.  We have had them  for years and years.

It  is a little kitschy but I have a plate on a stand with a rooster so I went with it.

I am very happy with the quality of the mats; they didn't shrink at all when we laundered them which is usually a problem with place mats.

The flatware was very inexpensive but heavier than my old Wm. Rogers set.

and the rug in front of the sink,


I got my order of onions from Dixondale this morning and have them laying out on the back porch.  I don't want to plant them before March 25.

There are three of Candy; one of  red Candy, and one of Super Star.  Should be lots of fun planting all these.....

I have been keeping my rosemary out in the milk parlor just in a south window.  So far it is looking pretty good.

I just bury it, pot and all, when warm weather hits. 

Finally all the snow and ice have disappeared but it is too wet to till and too cold.  I need to start some seeds soon under the lights.

Tomorrow is cardiologist day for DH and then on to MIL's to do some things for her.....before that a few errands.  Not a day to look forward to, but must all be done.  DH has to fast after 7 pm so I promised him a pork chop dinner around 6 this evening. 


  1. Glenda,

    I like the new barn door, darn Spring better hurry up so we can get some painting done and gardening going.

    Nice looking flatware, placemats and rug. I love it when a husband suggests replacing stuff, I wish mine did more often, lol

    I love a fresh start to a bathroom. New tile and fixtures make it feel all brand new in the bathroom. Our bathroom needs a few things done to it. I'm doing just the basic stuff being we don't own the place.

    Good luck with the doctors appointment, and have fun with your MIL.

  2. Dear Glenda ~ The new doors on the barn look great. I love your rooster theme and your new flatware. (We bought new flatware a couple of years ago and it was a fun experience and I love what we got.)

    The onion babies look neat and I hope you have a wonderful harvest with them. Your rosemary looks quite healthy.

    Hang in there spring and warmer temps will be coming soon.

    May tomorrow go smoothly for all that you have to do.

    Love and hugs to you and your DH ~ FlowerLady

    1. Day went well, but I cam home exhausted. The little "things" for the MIL took over two and half hours......

  3. We're in the same situation with our bathroom shower area. I'm pretty sure we're going to go with a preform pan and then just tile the walls ourselves. I seen too many of those home shows on HGTV where the guy didn't do the floor correctly and now the floor's a mess. It's got me just nervous enough not to trust doing a tile floor. Sounds like you'll be doing yours before mine. let us know how it went!!

    1. Tami, I am leaning that way myself. I have to have one special made since my tub is some weird small size that they don't make anymore. I think the cultured marble guys can do any size or shape. I haven't begun to shop yet.

  4. Love the rooster setting theme, Glenda. Very apropos for you guys. Wow. Look at those onion plants. I guess since you get your onions much earlier in the season than we do here, you get the better plants from Dixondale. Mine last year were wimpy so I didn't order this year. Maybe I'll regret it. We'll see....

  5. They send them at the right time for my zone.....which is suppose to be March 25. That seems early to me but I am shooting for that date. These were very nice plants.

  6. I love your chicken stuff! My mother-in-law had chicken things around the house, and I kept a number of them. We don't have onion plants in our garden centers yet.