Sunday, October 20, 2013


Still enjoying perfect fall weather.  We have very little color in the trees yet and I just heard on the news that it will be late  this year because of the  weather.

We have more light showers totaling 1/2 inch.


We have been getting so cool at nights,still no heavy frost, that I decided I better dig the sweet potatoes and harvest peppers.

They are the variety Beauregard and they are the best crop I have raised in a long time.  I always grow this variety but they were in a new spot and maybe the early rains were good for  them.  They are still laying in the garden but today I will load them; hose them off and when dry will cure them inside.  The need 80° with high humidity for 6-8 weeks.  I have never been fussy about it before but since we are cooler than usual, I will use the guest bathroom that I can get up to 80° easily.  Humidity with be pretty good too.

Each  clump represents one hill.  I may try to weigh the crop.

This is my harvest of Butternut Squash but some look very strange.  I haven't cut into one yet so don't know what I really have.

I am showing this shot so you can see the lush clump of dock....waiting for a dollop of glyphosphate. You can't dig it out because it has a monster taproot like poke weed and a tiny bit left in the ground will grow another lovely plant!

I also harvested the rest of the peppers but didn't get a picture.


For my information:  Willow was in a rip roaring heat yesterday....won't breed until her next one.

Everyday Life

We are having my MIL out for Sunday dinner again.  I am having a very simple meal of hamburger soup, corn muffins,and  lemon sponge cake. 


  1. Glenda,

    Now I love your harvest of sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Unique shapes and sizes on that squash. Both great for canning and eating later.

    Enjoy your MIL visit, and the rest of Sunday.

  2. That is some harvest of sweet potatoes! What a haul. I didn't grow butternuts this year in my limited garden. Maybe I'll be up to it next year, although even with NO vines at all (anything) this year, I had squash bugs everywhere. yuk

    1. I had very few SB this year and expected to find them by the millions when I pulled vines.....did not. Who knows why,.

    2. Because they were HERE! Who knows why... *heh*

  3. Those are some good lookin' sweet potatoes! I'm glad you said that about them needing 80 degrees to cure, I didn't know that. Not sure mine will cure very well, when I cleaned them up I discovered the grubworms have drilled into quite a few of them. Dang it. I sorted out several small ones, and some small broken pieces, peeled and fried them in butter last night with a little salt and sugar. They were good, although a little on the green side. I didn't feel like there'd be much to those once they cured. The squash bugs got my butternuts.

    1. Supposedly the sugar content only comes after they are cured for at least 6-8 weeks. Before that they need to be cooked with lots of sugar.

  4. Beautiful sweet potatoes. Butternut squash was one of Mama's favorites. Makes a great pie that I think is better than pumpkin. My brother Mack planted squashes and pumpkins next to one another one year and saved seed. The next year he had pumpkins with necks. They sold as well as the round pumpkins!

    1. They make a prettier more orange pie. I would think I had crossed seeds if these were saved seeds but they weren't. Just called Butternut Squash. I am wondering if the ones without the thick necks will have as much usable flesh. Time will tell.

    2. Your dinner might be simple,but it sounds delicious! I wish I had better luck at gardening. This year I did okay with peppers but only got 3 tomatoes, despite using good soil and big pots! Still, they were heirlooms and you sure could taste the difference.
      Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm always kind of amazed when I see a reply.