Friday, December 13, 2013

Tuesday, December 10

It is still very cold here and we got another l inch of snow last night. We are north of I—44 and were in the lighter snowfall zone.

I should have milked but DH talked me into waiting until tomorrow when it will be slightly warmer.

He didn't have to talk too hard.....

I was not happy with my last recipe of oatmeal bread so tried a 7-grain recipe that I found online. I didn't do a King Arthur because their recipes always call for several of their products that I don't keep on hand. This bread is a winner; it is almost too soft and is hard to slice. Of course I made several changes to the recipe which might have given me the softness but that is never a bad thing for us. DH likes his bendable!

I also boiled down the turkey carcass with celery, a couple of carrots and a few black pepper corns and ended up with a quart of thick stock and about 2 cups of shredded turkey meat. I want to try (again) egg noodles. I have never been happy with mine.

Wednesday, December 11

Another cold morning, 10°. No melting yet but the roads seem to be clear and the school bus was running.

I milked this morning. I just took l gallon. I think her babies need a warm breakfast.

We were going to do errands but after DH did the feeding chores, he was tired so we put it off another day.

I finally made a successful batch of egg noodles. At least I was happy with them. I used the recipes in my Joy of Cooking book but used the food processor. I rolled them very, very thin and used my pizza cutting wheel. I cooked half in the turkey broth then lifted them and let them drain. The last half I cooked in the remaining broth with the cup of turkey bits and pieces. We had that for lunch. 
with the remaining half I made a small amount of fettuccine
Alfredo substituting whole milk in place of cream and it worked perfectly well. I thought it was very will be another meal. (Actually, it was my evening meal; DH had a bowl of cereal).

Tonight will be another near zero night. This is extreme cold and very early in the season.....not liking it at all!

Thursday December12

No milking this morning.  We decided to run errands  which we cut short because we were both ready to stop after Walmart!  We did return library books but skipped our local market that butter on sale.

Friday December 13

Another winter storm is on us.  This is freezing precipitation which can get critical in this part of the country.
The temperature is hovering just around freezing so nothing is accumulating so far.....but wait until the evening when the temps drop!  

I milked  this morning and DH called from the barn and told me to put Trax on my boots; it was treacherous on the barn lot which is concrete.  It was colder then and the light rain was  freezing.  

Jewel still hasn't calved; she has me wondering if I am a month off....time will tell.

I came in a made peanut butter cookies for DH and am pretty much done for the day.  

Note: New header picture I took when the snow first  fell; it looks the same today except the sky is a  dreary gray.  It isn't winter yet but it  sure looks and feels like it.  All area schools are canceled  in anticipation of freezing rain later today.


  1. It's strange that you folks so far south are getting snow this year. We've had colder than usual and higher amounts of snowfall so far this season, too. I'm wondering if we up here in northern Minnesota are going back to the winters like we used to have forty years ago when we first moved here from Illinois. The last many years we haven't had any snow until Christmas or the first of the year with the weather being moderate until then. This year Mother Nature has sent us winter early and COLD! It's just zero now at 12:30 p.m.

    1. The weather has been strange this year. This morning KC was much warmer than us! The are now downgrading our next cold front, not quite as cold as previously predicted!

  2. It has been terribly cold here, Glenda. We had -8 to -10 below 0 with windchills of around -20 to-25 below zero. That is too cold for me. Many years ago, I worked an outside job at a farm implement factory and on one particular night, the air temp was -60 below with a windchill of -85. Nothing worked or ran or moved. I was frozen.
    I have never been happy with noodles. I bought some semolina flour and I am going to try to make some and see if that works. I have had too many distractions this week to try to make anything. I tried to make a batch of soap and that failed as I had too many problems with my dad and the nursing home on the phone to concentrate on what I was doing. Hopefully next time.
    Please stay warm and safe and don't go anywhere on ice. Its just something no one can navigate period.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I can't imagine anything colder than zero......don't want to live anywhere like that.

      Try the noodles again. I think my secret was rolling them as thing as I did. I just used regular flour too.

      Cooking is good therapy for me. Glad you mentioned the soap. I want to make some goat milk before Christmas for the late as I am they will have to let it age a while.

  3. It's been in singles & 10s the past couple of mornings and now we're under snow warning from the approaching Electra. I've enjoyed my spelt noodles - I make them thicker, like linguine so there is more texture to chew. Been making a lot of soup this week: split pea/ham and vegetable/bean. It's all good with homemade tortillas during these bitter days. Got some ground turkey today at BJs so look forward to baking a big meatloaf tomorrow while it snows. Hope you don't have failures or damages from Electra. Stay safe.

    1. Kris, remember we are safe from power outages with the all-farm generator that should be ready since we had it serviced about a month ago.

      I saw your delicious looking soup on the blog. We love soups. I did beans yesterday so chili is in our future.

      Stay warm and enjoy the wood fire.

  4. If I have to go to Walmart I usually make it my last trip, because like you, once I'm done with the Walmart shopping, I just want to get home!

  5. Another busy few days for you, Glenda! We have about three inches on the ground and the prediction for tomorrow is 5-9!!!! Of course, I love it...:)JP

  6. I need to try my hand at making noodles again, the few times I tried they didn't turn out to well....this last bit of snow and ice I'm so ready for it to be gone! I'm already tired of breaking the ice for the cows and winter is just starting... :)

  7. Oh, my! I'm glad things worked out for the delivery! Have a Merry Christmas!