Monday, December 30, 2013

Jewel's Baby

It was really cold here this morning at 4 AM, 10°.  I think we  will be at normal temperatures for the rest of the week which is 40's and  20's.

I milked yesterday morning, both cows.  Getting  them both started up the ramp was the hardest part.  Once on the ramp they moved up into the barn easily.  We  had so much excitement getting them  up to the ramp that Jewel didn't give quite as much.  It is not good to excite a dairy cow before pay.

I did go out afterward and got a couple of pictures of the baby.  The color isn't as  good  with the Panasonic as it  is with the Canon.  The baby has slightly more red in her coat.  I think she will end up being black.

Our granddaughter and her  friend got in about 7 pm last night.  I had a pot of hamburger soup waiting.  I wasn't supposed to do dessert because her friend is dieting....but I had made  a new  recipe for a large sour cream coffee cake early in the  day.  So be it.   The dark  is a layer of streusel filling  around the middle of the cake. 

This was a recipe  from Martha called Sara's Classic Sour Cream Coffee Cake. 

This is errand day.  I need  to grocery shop (lots of fruit and veggies! no fat), pick up a library book  and get a license for the trailer.  DH and I may leave before the girls get up.


  1. Enjoy your company and trip to town......well, to the library at least :)

  2. Have fun at the license's office. I went Friday and was #20 in line. I heard it was worse later in the day.
    Keep warm, it was 9 here near Jefferson City this morning.

  3. Jewel's face reminds me of those old 1950's ads with Elsie The Cow. Don't overdo, and stay well. Hugs XOXOXO

  4. Good looking cows, good looking bundt cake. The only cakes I really care to eat are moist, heavy ones and that one looks like it would fill the bill!

    We had -11° here this morning . . . -34° 45 miles north of us, but still in our same county.

  5. Glenda,

    Brrr.....10 degree's and more cold arctic express winds heading south from Canada.
    Hamburger soup (to keep you nice and warm inside) and cake sounds good for dinner.

  6. It's been snowing all day (thank you Hercules) and tonight some serious arctic air will blow in. Then days next week were it won't get out of single digits. BRRRRRR.

    Gosh that bundt cake is making me drool. Yum!