Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Busy Day - New Bread Technique Coming


Another very cold morning. No more snow here but our current snow will be with us for the rest of the week and longer because we are staying very cold.  Today will be the worst yet with very high winds and temperatures dropping to zero tonight.

We may venture out to the local grocery today.  My supply of coffee, flour and bacon is getting too low.

We noticed our heavy duty mailbox was missing yesterday......evidently the road grader clipped it when he cleared the snow off. I bundled up before time for mail delivery which is around 10 am and took the hammer out and dug it out of the ditch. It was frozen to the grassy snow so it took some digging to get it out. It was a simple fix since it just slides very tightly onto the arm of the post. I have no memory of installing it that seems OK now but I think I will put some longer screws into the base to actually fasten it to the arm.....or maybe not. I think it would have broken the cedar arm and maybe the entire post if it had been fastened down.

I took care of the chickens. They are just giving us 2 to 4 eggs with this cold weather and I gave a neighbor two dozen so I am not doing much baking for a while.

DH finished the chores later in the morning.

The day turned into almost a frenzy of company.....which is very unusual. I was standing at the sink and saw our 'visiting' neighbor in the driveway talking with Max (he was just coming in from the chores on the ATV). I quickly put on a pot of coffee....but he drove off. I told Max that I expected him in for coffee and he said, he's coming back I made Flower Lady's “Create-a-Cookie” recipe.
I was just taking the last sheet from the oven when he came back. We sent him home with a bag of warm cookies for his wife to enjoy too.

Right after he left, our two  neighbor boys showed up to do some fence repair. One is 16 and the other is 21. The younger one had helped Max feed the day before. We have made arrangements for them to work for us when the weather is decent and they have the will be money well spent if it means we can keep on 'keeping on' a while longer. We will see how it works out......I have been wrong before with this kind of thing. I have known these boys since they were born and they come to check their cattle right across the road in front of our house daily so maybe this  will benefit us both.

After they left our granddaughter (who stays with us now and then) called to update me on her life. Things are going great and school (MU St. Louis) is keeping her busy.

The boys finished in about l.5 hours, visited for 30 minutes and then left.
Our son called next which is an occasion in itself! I let him know Mama would appreciate more calls. He thinks his daughter keeps us up to date.....I told him it wasn't the same! I doubt it will change his habits....I know I have to remind my mate to call his Mother more often!

I decided to call my Sis (so she wouldn't call me after I retired for the night)and we visited about our new 'preferment' bread making technique.

End of day! Whew......not many so busy out here on the farm usually.

I will post tomorrow about the new bread.


  1. Glad you found what should be dependable help with strong backs. Love your chicken header with the necessary trap in the view.

    1. I had to go back and check; I forgot about the trap. We need to reset it. We are still smelling skunk around the homestead.

  2. Hope you fare well during your cold spell, especially since you guys don't get that kind of thing very often. Up here, it's normal (doesn't mean we have to LIKE it though *heh*). What a busy day you had. Hope you spent some down time in the cozy chair last night. Stay warm.....

    1. I was colder out doing chores yesterday morning at 24° because of the wind than I was the day before at 10°. Wind is the killer.

      You stay warm too.

      PS Don't worry I have way too much 'down' time in my kitchen nest.

  3. Replies

    1. Gail, I just read about your troubles. We had a similar period recently. I guess our repairman who installed the $$$$$water heater got enough money because I called recently for something else and my call was not returned!
      I am praying no tornadoes for you.

  4. Glenda,

    It's nice to have some help around the homestead/farm.
    Hopefully, the boys will work well for you.
    Can't wait to hear about your new bread technique.
    Stay warm and safe!

    1. Sandy, he has helped us twice. Turned his ankle last time; just a slight sprain but we will see if he recovers........we have been disappointed before.

  5. It must have been the day, Glenda...ours was full too. I know what you mean about our boys means a lot to me when either of my kids call!!....:)JP

  6. Boys aren't quite as good about calling as our girls but we love them anyway.