Thursday, February 5, 2015

Catch Up Again

It is very cold here this morning; 11°. We have decided to postpone miking until tomorrow when it will be a whopping 30°.

I haven't posted in a while. Winter seems pretty unexciting here.

I will list what I can remember in no particular order:

First Sugar and Mama beagle left and were gone for two days and nights. We had finally adjusted ourselves to that when Sugar showed back up alone. We still have no idea where or what happened to the Beagle. The stingy side of me is happy I hadn't just paid for a spay surgery on her.

Chores are plugging along in their normal winter dreariness. DH told me he has only recently tapped into last summer's hay. That surprised me. We had a good carryover from the previous year which is a good thing.

The puppies are thriving. I made a large batch of liver treats for them and they love them. I can see the hound in them when a treat is dropped and they 'trail' it nose to the ground until they find it. Sugar doesn't do that nearly so well.
Liver Treats (a good way to use the beef  liver we never eat)

Our granddaughter was down for a weekend last Friday. She had a formal dance to attend as date to one of her local 'just friend' boys. He is also a best friend of her BF. Seems kind of strange to us old folks but no one asked our opinion. She is such a joy and just received all A's from last semester. She is already a junior in college even though this is just her second year. Bragging finished!


The only thing I have baked lately is bread (twice since I got the mixer repaired) and two batches of cookies. I am thinking longingly of cheesecake..........that may be next.

The mixer worked great making my usual 3  loaf recipe.  I added l  cup of  white whole wheat flour and 1  cup of wheat germ  and the texture was still very fine  and  soft.
From cooking

Yesterday I used the KA mixer and made Pecan Sandies from my old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.
From cooking

I am now using the guide to the mixer and the correct  speed for all things!  I may have caused its recent gear failure.....

Today is DH's birthday so he got his request of gravy and biscuits (and eggs and bacon) this morning.
We were laughing about his favorite food: gravy, and mashed potatoes, especially mashed potatoes with a dollop of buttered peas in a well on top. I will work that into lunch today.


I have sorted through all my seeds and listed them on a spreadsheet. After I test some very old tomato seeds, I will toss the expired ones and will finally be down to just newer seeds.



  1. We sew our old seeds to grow for the wild animals. It surprises me when so many come up.

    I smell the bread!

  2. Glenda,

    Sorry to hear the dogs keep taking off. Something has to be attracting them to venture off.
    Your bread and cookies look amazing. And you mentioned making cheesecake, I'm coming over to your place :-)

    1. The Beagle still hasn't returned. She had just been here a couple of months so maybe it didn't seem like home to her. She had weaned her puppies a couple of weeks ago and really paid them no attention anymore.

      You would be welcome to drop by my place for coffee and whatever anytime!

  3. You may still see the beagle back. It's not normal for her to just run off from her pups like that. So either she's on an extended adventure or something happened to her. I hope it's the former and not the latter.

    Biscuits and gravy are my favorites and mashed potatoes with peas are a favorite of Hubs'. Tell Max Happy Birthday from us.

    1. He did have a good birthday but then all his days are pretty much the same. Chores and then reading or TV. What a life!

      Thank you for the good wishes.

      As to the Beagle, we would take her back; she was a good dog but she really hadn't been with us long enough to feel like family......Our neighbor boy seems to have taken it on as a project to find her!

  4. Oh my those bread loaves look lovely - all high and golden. You do have knack for the baking, Glenda. I've never really been a baker, so it's been relatively painless (mostly) to give up the baking at this point. My health has improved immensly and that was the goal. Beagles do wander, especially when following a scent and lose track of time/distance. I loved my beagle, but really had to watch her. Hope yours comes back. Cold cold here. Thankfully, no milking or eggs to collect. *heh*