Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter is nearing!

After several days of fairly warm weather  we are  headed  for the deep freeze. Temperatures near zero and 3-5 inches of snow promised.....The snow is supposed to start  tonight and continue  on through Monday.  I may not  venture out.......

I have  been keeping a daily journal but  much is just ordinary daily life here.  I will just do a few days at a time.

Beginning of journal

February 8

Up at 2:45. DH sets up the coffee the night before but I don't start it until just before he gets up so it will be fresh.....He was up at 3:00 so I didn't have to wait long.

It is very cloudy out this morning but also nice and warm. The next few days will be unseasonably warm but then our cool down once again.

Plans for today: Plant broccoli and cabbage in trays and put under lights.

Of course, I will have to unload the plant lights....I still haven't cleaned up that area! I keep putting it off.


Just came back from cleaning out the nests and giving them fresh water. I noticed fresh poop from some smaller varmint. I smelled skunk out there yesterday morning........also a broken shell in a nest.
We will have to keep a close watch on that situation.


I let the puppies out for a little while. They are getting farther away from the pen but came back pretty easily. I gave them treats once they were inside. They played with Sugar a bit. They howl when I leave them in the pen but not for long.

We checked the freezers before coming in. I got a package of green beans and peaches and I think blackberries out. We also found about 8 packages of hamburger left! Great news; I thought I was out. I will try to make it last until we butcher the white faced steer.

February 9

Well, I didn't get to the seeds yet. I went out early and did the chickens which just means I check for early eggs, check water and feed and decide whether to let them out or not. Since it was a cloudy cold day, I didn't. They have a nice long enclosed run so it isn't critical.
No eggs and we just got two for the entire day....they lay well for several days and then don't for a couple.

Did the puppies next. I let them out to roam for a while and won't be doing that again! I finally corralled one and carried her back to the pen. She was almost too heavy for me to carry. When I got her locked up they other two came running. I figured how much they are eating! Between the cats and the dogs, it is shocking.


I noticed the other day that the dining room window on the west side was extremely dirty with something that almost looked like spit dried on. I should have cleaned it the day before when it was nice and warm, but instead did it on the cold windy day. My hands were numb when finished but I feel better. I walk by and move the curtain just to appreciate it!


I made a recipe of hamburger and hot dog buns. It turned out OK but the technique is something I will not repeat......try mixing butter and egg into a finished dough.....not recommended. Also they are tougher than normal which isn't a good thing for my husband. The basis was a true French bread recipe which is probably the reason. I did find they are quite nice toasted (my breakfast with homemade apple butter) and didn't seem tough to me anyway. Note:  by the second day, the buns were just fine....very strange.

I made hot  dogs  with homemade fries for lunch.

I had to make an emergency relish so I finely diced onions,sweet pickles and celery and added some mustard and ketchup....worked  out fine.
to be continued.


  1. Winter is "nearing" ? Oh my it's been HERE since November! And talk about wearing out its welcome! Hope if you've got to get some cold, that all you get IS cold, maybe some snow. It's the darn ICE ya gotta watch out for. Gosh those homemade chips look great. Do you season them or just put salt on?

  2. Glenda,

    I see Sugar in the picture with your homemade bread. I know she's smells that delicious bread, and is waiting to see if maybe mom would drop a piece, lol.

    Stay warm, the temperatures keep fluctuating dramatically here.

    1. Max has to keep reminding me not to leave anything edible on the table or near the edge of the counter top. Sugar is so tall she could eat right from the counter. I did make her some special liver treats.