Thursday, June 18, 2015

Back Again

Well its catch up time again.  First, I have had company for three days last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday until noon.  Whoops, that's five days!  They stayed longer than planned.

 We have had workers here again.  This time all was successful.  They porch is now completely screened and the new chicken yard is finished.  They also completely enclosed my garden.  The back side was never fenced and now it is! 

The Porch:

It hasn't stopped raining long enough for me to paint the screen door.

This is the south end facing the road:

and this is the interior:  I am thinking two wicker easy chairs?

and now the new fencing project:

This is one of the new gates.  This one is next to the shop.

and these two are on the west side of the garden:

I now have to go into the garden and then enter the chicken yard.  I did this to have easier access to the chicken yard with the mower.  The hydrant complicated leaving the opening next to the old chicken house.


Note how they placed the gates almost on the ground.  One boy had a large chicken flock so knew how they escape small openings.

and this is a partial view of the lovely long and chicken-tight new yard.

This is the new back fence for the garden.  I can now mow the jungle that used to grow here.

These boys were just 16 years old but had been working for a fencing contractor (for want of a better name) for some time.  He is the step father to one of the boys.  I thought they did a super job.  They also tore out and replaced the farm fence behind the cellar .  Max had them do some very tedious repairs out on the farm.  One of the boys says he will come on Saturdays and do yard work for me.  (here I go again!)  I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Daylilies and More

I am leaning toward getting more easy-care daylilies.  They come in all heights, colors and are pretty fool proof.

I am proud of this one, Joylene Nicole.  She has been buried beneathe the boxwood by the back porch for several years.  I moved her early spring and she is blooming!

I have several clumps of this one next to the Walker's Low nepeta.

I also have several clumps of this red including one that needs rescuing from the "new bed" where it is hidden.

Hyperion is blooming but it is raining so I don't have a picture.....a lovely light yellow that is sometimes fragrant.

This is the bright colored end of the Hummingbird Bed outside the kitchen.  I have more red daylilies to move here.

The lilies all came in bloom and were lovely for a few days but are now suffering from an excess of rain.

I have several clumps of this pink lily and have no memory of planting them in various places:

This is clematis Harlow Carr on the garden fence with an Asiatic lily,

Another group of brighter lilies:

There are still some poppies blooming:


  1. Good to see you dear Glenda ~ Boy, you've been busy there at the farm and I love it all. You're going to enjoy that screened porch so much, and the new gates and fencing. Your flowers are a real delight.

    Love and hugs ~FlowerLady

  2. I love the fact your screened in the porch..we used to spend so much time on ours when we had one!!! If the deer stayed away from our lillies we would have more. Yours are gorgeous, Glenda...:)JP

  3. Glenda,

    Your helpers did a great job on taking care of your fence and doing work around your place. I would love to have people like this in our area, they're so hard to find.
    Beautiful flowers Glenda, I know these will attract many hummingbirds, butterflies, and bee's :-)

  4. That screened in porch is a real beauty and will give you lots of pleasure. There's something so relaxing about sitting where you can feel the breeze and hear the birds, yet not be troubled by the insects.

    I really don't know how I could garden without my fence, with so many rabbits and dogs around. You'll feel that way too. And now your chickens can be a little better corralled, too.

  5. Oh gosh, isn't it all so beautiful? I love your new screened in porch, you'll get a lot of use out of that, no mosquitoes! Your flowers are just beautiful and now you've inspired me to go move a daylilly that is not blooming to a sunnier spot that was empty. I would say your flowers are at the height of their beauty. Such a wonderful post. We must savor summer, even if it can become scorching.