Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mission Accomplished

Time has passed pretty quickly....I have been diligent about working  outside  each morning and am happy to report the garden is cleared!!!

This is the cleared east end:

 This end is where the  pepper patch lurked; now exposed and I harvested more this morning.

I have red, green, and yellow cheese peppers, giant jalapenos, red Maule, and Anchos.  I was supposed to have hot Hungarian Wax, but they are missing.    Don't know what happened unless Baker Creek got confused!

I want to string some on fishing line and try drying them.  But that may not happen......sounds good though.

Also on this end is the row of sweet potatoes.  The vines are very lush but I also found a tuber in a hill so I have hopes for a good crop.  I will wait until frost time to dig.

The west end had a row of 20 foot elm saplings all along the asparagus  row.  This row began at the blackberry bush and ran west  to the pear tree.  The men did not paint the stumps as promised last year so they regrew like crazy.  I cut them using the chain saw like a hedge clipper yesterday morning and it went very rapidly.  I have just stacked them in the garden; the help- meet  will later load and haul them off for me.

(see the peach tree stump?  I couldn't resist leaving it for maybe a clematis to climb next year......I can always cut it down if that doesn't  work)

I also did some lopping along the garden fence and am near to having it ready to mulch again.  My heirloom rose is blooming again and looking very lovely.  No pepper scent on this one; just a strong rose fragrance. I have  done some research and believe it  to be Reines des Violette.  I know I had one.  It is nearly thornless, very fragrant and is a hybrid perpetual rose.  I need to feed  it again.  It does well in some shade and this one is.

This view is looking east along the fence.  I have just laid the lopped plants along the fence, later  to be removed (remember  when the helpmeet gets around to his part).

See that tree behind the smokehouse?  I think it needs to go!  maybe tomorrow.

Remember the three pumpkins I discovered???  Well, the possum found them too!

We have now eliminated three but there seems to be no end to them.

Oh, BTW, I did paint the stumps this morning using diesel.  That works for me often.  I didn't get spray mixed to hit the jungle behind the shop but that will be next.

I have been letting the girls come into the garden and dig and scratch.  They do love to toss that mulch around.  We are consistently getting 5 eggs from 5 hens.  Very pleased with that.


  1. Wow dear Glenda you are one busy lady! I am so inspired by all that you do. I am so ready for cooler weather to tackle some overgrown areas here.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

    1. We heated up here yesterday too! We have another hot one and then, the 70's. I don't work outside when it gets hot.......

      Maybe my overgrown areas will slow down now, but, I bet yours lasts all year!

  2. You sure are busy! It's always "fun" to do chores that you can see the results, I think. Cleaning up the garden is one thing I did this week too.

    1. I have failed to do a fall garden cleaning for several years now and vow to begin with it this year, including tilling the soil.

      My Dad always kept his garden cleaned and ready...he would not be happy with my poor garden these days.

  3. I love a job done that can really be seen! This is great work and looks good too.

    Our cucumbers are dying and I surely will miss them. Fresh ones are a staple in my diet. The store cucumber like their tomatoes taste like cardboard to me.

    1. Gail, I have wondered why it is that even the early Arkansas tomatoes that we used to live for, now are tasteless! We used to stop by trucks selling them out of the back and they were delicious. I recently paid $l.99 a lbs for some from the bootheel and they were absolutely the worst!

      My poor cuc vine is about half dead but took on a spurt of new growth and I have actually canned two jars of pickled from it. I am trying to remember to water it now and then.

  4. I think my cuke vines are done, too, enjoyed my last cuke a couple days ago. But maybe the rain and cooler weather will spark it up, who knows.

    My mother used to say that our taste buds detect less and less as we grow older. I can remember eating things at my Grammy's that were so GOOD and now the same thing is just bland and tasteless to me.

    Oh, what a shame about your pumpkins. Your chickens would probably be happy to clean up that open one. I wonder if the other two would ripen on the counter if you picked them now? Enjoy those eggs. Thanks to the bird flu and McDonald's now serving "breakfast all day", the prices of eggs have gone to over $3 a dozen here. Guess I'll have toast and peanut butter for breakfast instead of my customary egg, cheese and toast, till we get past this.

    Your place is looking great, mine is terrible. I probably won't be getting out there to do much until after the first frost.

  5. I thought your place looked wonderful! Don't fret. That pumpkin vine is so huge, surely they won't get them all. It is now climbing up the trees and rose bushes and seems to be setting every bloom. I know they won't all ripen but I want them to stay on as long as possible.

    Frost isn't too far away here.....l0-15 or 20th.

  6. Glenda,

    You've been a busy beaver sweetie, wow your place looks great.
    Those pumpkins would of looked nice up on your front porch for fall/Halloween, darn that possum~!!!!

    Love your heirloom roses, this color is gorgeous!!

  7. Oh my. Woman with a chainsaw. LOL You have really opened up the place - lots more air and light. Bet it really had become a jungle what with all the rain you've gotten this season compared to others. Sorry about the pumpkins. And what in the world will you do with all those peppers? Still very very dry here and the sun is bright in a clear sky that it's uncomfortable NOT to be in the shade when outside. Cool nights and 70s days. Very September. Glad you are feeling so good that you're going gangbusters. Don't overdo now.....!