Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October 31-November 3, 2015

The weather is dreadful for trick or treaters.....if they even do that anymore.  Cold, windy and light rain falling.  I got wet just going to the milk parlor.

We did something different yesterday.  We took a day trip to Arkansas.  DH used to travel in the Mt. Home vicinity when working and every now and then he likes to go back and reminisce.  We went down one way and came back another.  Arkansas scenery is pretty much like ours only more mountainous.  We could tell they were drier than us until we got just this side of Mt. Home.  Then we saw some green fields.  He decided we need another day trip.  We have done this one several times.  Arkansas is truly a beautiful state.  We have never been way down south near Louisiana.  I would like to do that some time but then you have to worry about livestock.....

We ate lunch out at a small place on the square.  I do love the old squares these country towns have.  The food was so so.  Dessert always seems lacking to me.  The cream pies all have that dreadful whipped garbage on top. Once  I found that out, I canceled our order and DH settled for a dish of ice cream.

I decided if we are  to ever  have what they call 'homemade' pie we would be making it at our home.  So..............
I made us a coconut cream pie using our surplus of eggs.

I have noticed restaurants rarely offer fruit pies....looks like that would be an easy one.

OK.  It is now November 4, Wednesday.

We are still in a warmer period but very cloudy.  Cold front and rain promised for the next few days.

Our "fencing" person returned and did the work in the orchard around the hydrant and removed a downed peach tree.  He also came back yesterday and installed another gate for DH to use  rounding up the chickens who 'crawl' under the new fence.  I think I will also be able to get the riding  mower back there to mow the back side of the garden where I used herbicides this year.  That will be good.

He is coming this morning to begin cleaning the fence rows facing the road.  I will be so happy to get them cleared.I think that will be all I want him to do but farm manager has things out on the farm for him.

We loaded out a few more calves  and sent them to market yesterday.  That may catch us up on calves big enough to sell.  I plan for him to bring down a couple of the largest ones left to begin graining for us.  We are all getting low again.

Inside Work

I made a list of things I wanted to get done before Thanksgiving in the house and am slowly getting them done:

Permanently attach shelves to back porch wall.   Done
Replace undercounter (broken out of socket) lights.   done
Replace ceiling fan broken out of socket light bulb
Wash down all kitchen cabinets   Done *(no help this time)
Paint two extra kitchen chairs (bought paint but not done yet)

Mop kitchen floor (down on hands and knees, if possible)  not done yet.

I will probably be adding to the list. 

Yard Things

I must save cosmos seeds before the rains hit (today)
Harvest rest of pumpkins (be sure to save seeds from  largest and best one)

Have you noticed:  One thing leads to another.  

Removed dead evergreen; need to paint or scrub smokehouse!


  1. Not only does one thing lead to another, but it seems we can always come up with a task that we hadn't even thought of for eons . . . and that, too, gets added to the list.

    When living the lifestyle you do, I don't think there will ever be "nothing to do." But would you want it any other way? I can't imagine a life living in a condo with a once a week cleaner coming in and a maintenance service to do the outside work. Ugh. No thanks!

    There is a place in our neck o' the woods that advertises the best "homemade" (ha!) pies ever and it has a reputation for servingl pies people rave about. But ya know what? Not one of them compares to the ones I make in my kitchen. Snort. I know you can relate to that. :o]

  2. I agree on everything you say. Especially the homemade pies. I told me daughter what I thought and she asked me if I really thought anyone her age knew what a good homemade pie tasted like! I suspect she is right. It may be a dying art.

  3. Glenda,

    I love day trips like yours, hubby and I venture out every now and then for one of those relaxing rides.
    OMG.....your favorite......looks sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooddddddddddddd!!!!
    Our to do lists have grown substantially. Hubby and I have been commuting every weekend to do things at my parents estate in order to get the house ready to sale. Our to do list for our place is growing and not getting tackled. There is one good thing, with the temperature changing we haven't had to re-cut the grass. This gives us a little break.
    Don't work to hard! Enjoy the time out with DH on your drives through the country side.

    1. Sandy, I can just imagine how behind you would get devoting your weekends away but it must be done.

      I have to stop and remember these 'things to do' can wait. We do enjoy our drives. I told him I felt guilty leaving with things undone. It makes him craze when I say that. He is used to me after 54 years!

  4. Your pie does look scrumptious. What's your recipe?

    Your day trips sound fun.

    I am waiting for cooler weather to get started on projects around here. It is so dang warm and humid here, it still feels like summer, almost. It's 4:18 est. 84 degrees and feels like it is 90. That is NOT fall weather.

    It sounds like you've got a good worker and I know that's a great help.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  5. There's just nothing like desserts of any kind made at home. You can adjust the amount of sugar, leave off the whipped goo and make it to your taste. That coconut cream pie just looks too good. I wish it were a day trip from here to Missouri.

    1. Jean, I wish it were too! I love company to share in my baking splurges. Made Max's favorite peanut butter cookies yesterday.

  6. Boy, I agree with Mama Pea on the 'nothing to do'. Even though we'll still have things on our to-do list until the day we die, I don't think that's a bad. Chores and projects need to be done and we can be thankful that we have the strength and ability accomplish them. Your blog always makes me feel like I've been spending some time with my Grandma on the farm.

  7. Glad I can bring back memories of Grandma on the farm. I certainly remember my time with my Grandma (maternal); not paternal who shall remain nameless! She left bad memories.

    I can remember sitting up in an apple tree reading and eating apples in their orchard up by the 'rock pile'

  8. I started off this week with a list. Here it is Thursday and now both sides of the sheet is full. Yet I'm still not getting much done because I get sidetracked along the way, doing things NOT on the list. It's sooooo frustrating. Yet if I don't make a list, I forget stuff. Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't. LOL And today is and then November really arrives. Oh yay? Glad you are getting so much done. "Hands and knees?" Not me, ma'am. I swear by my Shark steam mop. P.S. I LOVE COCONUT CREAM PIE!!!

  9. Go back and add the things that weren't on the list and check them off! Will make you realize how much you have accomplished. Just one of the little games I play with myself.

    The hands and knees was a nice idea......I have given that up permanently. Will check out your mop.

  10. I wish had know you were so close...I'm an hour and a half from there. I didn't even know Mountain Home had a cafe on the square! Next time you come you have to eat at Mel's Diner and I could have pointed you to Salvation Army, one of favorite stores.

    I could use ten farm hands because one job ALWAYS leads to another.

    1. I tried to do a search on your blog because I remembered how you liked that diner! Couldn't find it. It was a little farther south but wouldn't have been a big deal since we have never been in that direction. I think we would have done better if we had chosen their burgers. They looked very good.

  11. Nice Autumn scene on the header!