Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pumpkin Harvest (finally)

The rains are gone and in their place is  very soggy ground and a cold (45°) and very windy day. I told DH to bring the ATV down to the back door when he was finished checking the cows and I would harvest the rest of the pumpkins before our 20° temperatures hit.  We ended up with 5.25 inches of rain. 

He called me to the back porch and said look: He had harvested almost all of them and had a place cleared in the milk parlor for them. I spied a few more and sent him back to get them.....most and maybe all will become either cattle or chicken feed. I will pick the largest one with the best dark color for seeds to share.

We ended up with 25 total from one hill of maybe 5 plants or less.  I  will not be growing them next year!

He also had taken out the compost bucket and dumped. As I said before, he is a keeper.

The fencing man showed up today and we are having him clear the fence lines along the lane that runs down the middle of the farm. We thought the front ditch was still too wet for him to finish that up.

I hope to be finished with these projects soon both because of the cost and the never knowing when he will return.


  1. 5.25" of rain? Oh I do hope you needed it. Also hope you are not flooded down there. We watched and watched that system head for us, then it broke apart. We got less than 1/10" last night. LOTS of high winds though. I'll have to pick up branches. (Kicking myself for putting the mower away, will have to walk the lawns.) Lookit all those pumpkins! None for pie?

    1. I have alredy processed 3 or 4 and have pumpkin puree in the freezer.

      We did need the rain. We had a very dry October. Of course the grass could have used it then while it was still growing. Our pastures are mainly grazing fescue and it quits growing in December. But this will restore ponds and ground water and be great for the trees.

  2. You're so wise using the pumpkins for livestock feed. Did you know they are touted as a natural wormer for livestock? Our goats used to love them. And, of course, a cut apart one gives the chickens something to do on a cold winter day. I didn't grow any this year because of lack of space but will do so next year. I miss having them.

    We, too, have had lots of rain. Drat and darn, I took our rain gauge in about a month ago because I was afraid the tube would freeze and crack (as it did a couple of years ago) so I don't know how much we've had but our little pond is overflowing its banks in spots where there has never been water before.

    1. I didn't know that about pumpkins. If you would like some of the Long Island Cheese seeds, email me your address and I will be happy to share.