Friday, December 11, 2015

Interim Post for Mama Pea

BTW,  this was not easy to copy and paste!  at least for me.

From Mama Peas Blog.
Since I've been sadly lacking in ideas for interesting blog posts lately (maybe it's the visions of sugarplums dancing in my head), I'm resorting to these questions (and my answers to same) that I saw posted on the Internet a few years ago.  Here we go.

1)  Do you like blue cheese?

2)  Have you ever smoked?
 Tried it years ago for a few days. Not my thing.

3)  Do you own a gun? 
      We can now say “Property protected by Taurus The Judge. Our Christmas present for us.

4)  What flavor of Kool Aid is your favorite?
      Haven't had Koolaid since I was a kid!
5)  Do you get nervous before dental appointments?
      Yes, but not as much as I used to.

6)  What do you think of hot dogs?
      Granddaughter introduced us to Hebrew National Kosher All Beef and we are now hooked.

7)  What's your favorite Christmas movie?
     I don't like any Christmas movies (I know I may be stricken dead!).

8)  What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
      Latte, homemade.
Plain, strong black coffee.

9)  Can you do push-ups?
I haven't tried in years, nor will I start.

10)  What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
      I am not a jewelry person at all. I do love my wedding set.

11)  What's your favorite hobby?
        Gardening and reading.
12)  Do you have A.D.D.?
    No, but I am a Type A person. However, I can read for hours.

13)  Do you wear glasses or contacts?
        Wear glasses all the time.
14)  What's your middle name?
Lee, after my paternal Uncle.
15)  What are your thoughts at this moment?

I hope I can sleep tonight. I have a horrible sleep problem.

16)  Name 3 drinks you regularly consume.

Black  Coffee, Raw Milk and tea both iced and hot 
17)  What is a current worry of yours?

18)  What do you currently hate?
     No hates. Especially now that the fence rows are nice and tidy. I am pretty content with life these days.

19)  Where is your favorite place to be?
        Home.  I'm definitely a home-body. The same for me.

20)  What do you plan on doing on New Year's Eve this year?
Stay at home with my husband of 54 years. I don't even plan to try to stay up.

21)  To where would you like to travel?
I am good only for short day trips.

22)  Name three people you think will do this questionnaire on their
    Not a clue.

23)  Do you own slippers?
        Huh?  Dancing?  Ballet?  Bedroom?  No.  No.  Yes. Same here.

24)  What color shirt are you wearing?
     White tee shirt with a blue plaid worn out flannel shirt that I love..

25)  Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
        Never tried, but they sound cold. Same here. I prefer l00% cotton.

26)  Can you whistle?
        Yup, I even sing along with I tunes while on the computer.
27)  What is your favorite color?
      Not sure I have one. I like tans and browns.

28)  What songs do you sing in the shower?
      None. But sing along on the computer while listening to my favorites. But if I did, they would be old-time  country songs
29)  Would you be a pirate?
        Heck, no.  I'm afraid of big ships. Same here I also am afraid of the water and cannot swim.

30)  What's in your pocket right now?
Nothing; I have on sweats.

31)  What's the last thing that made you laugh ?

Hubby brought me a small soap size piece of wood that I had cut and sanded to use to level my back porch shelves......he thought it was a bar of my homemade  soap and didn't know why it wouldn't lather up! He should wear his glasses full time but refuses.

32)  What vehicle do you drive?
        'A 2015 Chevy Silverado that I absolutely love.

33)  What's the worst injury you've ever had?
 Car wreck when I was 19, crushed left foot (still bothers me) and broken arm.

34)  Do you love where you live?
        Yes! Double that Yes!

35)  Would you change your first name if you could?
There was a time I hated my first name but I have outgrown that.

Okay, now all the rest of you out there . . . how about YOU copying and posting these same questions on your blog with your answers.  Come on, I double dare ya. 

OK,  Mama Pea Count Me As one  who did it!

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  1. Sorry you had trouble cutting and pasting the questions. But I sure did have a good time reading your answers! Thanks for going to the trouble . . . love learning a little bit more about fellow bloggers. We all have a good sense of humor, I think!