Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 2016 Doings So Far

I blinked and January was gone!

February has started out  very busy.  We are hoping that lets up now.

First we finally got the roof repaired.  The estimate was January 7.......after three phone  calls we finally got it done yesterday.
I am always amazed how they will  tell you anything to get the job....started out being l and half week behind to ended up being almost 4  weeks.  But the end result is what counts and they even found another place that was sunk in over the screen porch that was missed and added it (more $$$ of course but very reasonable) and did it.  It was pitch dark  when they  finished cleaning up.

This is the area above  the bathroom that was completely re-roofed.  You can't see it but I liked seeing the cows in the far background.  Don't know  what the bucket is doing in front of the AC....we aren't the neatest farmers in the area.......

I won't sing their praises too loudly until we get another very heavy rain........

I went to the eye center in glasses were in order.  Should be here in 7-10 days.  Not much change but it made a big difference in reading to me!  Cataracts are still not operation worthy!   Was told my eyes are healthy and to come back in  a year.  They did not accept the new insurance but we have never had insurance for eyes before.  The only doctor who is covered it a very long way from here and the coverage isn't that great so I will choose to stay 15 minutes from the Willard doctor.  I could actually read all 5 lines on the chart.....will be corrected up to 20/20.  So that was very good news.

Dermatologist visited and we are good for another year.  I do plan to go annually.  Max is outside daily and he had l0 spots to be removed, non-cancerous.  I had a basal cell carcinoma removed. He assured me he got it all  and it is the non-threatening type.  So, all-in-all a good visit.  He is retiring early as did my rheumatologist.  Because of "politics, insurance, and Obama healthcare"  I am quoting.  He lost his partner 3 months ago.  This is what is happening to our health-care system.  Older doctors who can afford to are retiring early because things are so changed and they are so unhappy with the new things.  Sad times.

Farm News

I have been after (constantly reminding) Max that Jewel (the Jersey) should have her calf weaned because she calved in April last year.  Cows should have a 2-month rest period.   He failed to obey me  and came in a couple of days ago and said she had weaned her calf and was bagged up (for novices to farm  life this means her udder is enlarging with colostrum and milk for a new baby)  He predicted she will calve sometime this week.  We will still have to remove her large heifer calf but we need to find a place away from young bulls.  She shouldn't be bred until she is at least 15 months old.

Chickens are keeping us in plenty of eggs.  I need to bake an angle food cake to use up a dozen.

The beef cows are grazing on dried grasses but still go to the hay we keep out daily.


My kitchen window above the sink was so dirty from the birds hitting the window coming in to the feeder that we could hardly see out.  The last nice  day we washed it and then moved the feeder to the shepherd's hook in the flower bed.

Of course I miss seeing them while sitting in my easy chair but having a clean window may win out!

I took this shot through the said clean window:

That is the shepherd's hook on the left hand side.

 Miscellaneous Pics

I think the nandina bush berries are beginning  to darken.



  1. This is such a good catch-up post! So many good things on so many fronts. I here you about the older (wiser, more experienced) doctors leaving practice. I've lost my ear doctor and once practice (my old GP) has since change hands TWICE over 1 year. What good is insurance if there are no doctors!!

    Will you sell Jewel's first calf or are you going for a line of Jersey milkers for you?

    Glad the roof is fixed. We got only .6" of rain from Kaylah. So glad we are missing these big storms this year. Those nandinia berries are very striking.

    1. The calf will probably be half Angus so can either be steak or go into the beef herd. I never see her or Willow bred even though they are nearby. They are very private!

  2. I enjoyed your post. I need to get some new glasses, too. It's sad that Obamacare has changed everything so much and it's so much more expensive, too. One reason my hubby hates to quit work, he has an excellent healthcare plan there. My daughter's premiums keep going up and up.
    And I know what you mean about repairs/work taking a lot longer than they originally say. Our bathroom project took way longer than what he first told us it would be. I'm enjoying it now, but it seemed like it would never get done!
    Love the berries on the bush, I don't think I've ever seen one before. The sun is shining here today...looks good!

    1. We have change to a cheaper insurance but don't know yet how we will come out at the end of the year. If we don't have a lot of extra illnesses we should be ahead. You just never know. I think our system needs to be improved.

      The sunshine is wonderful and tomorrow is supposed to be even better.

  3. I need new glasses too. No insurance.

    I hope your roof is fixed!

    Great photo of the birds. My windows need washing.

    It is very windy and humid here right now but is supposed to drop down to 60 tonight and cold weather for us starting tonight and into next week. Well, it is 'cold' for us.

    Love and hugs for you and your DH ~ FlowerLady

    1. I hope your glasses don't cost what mine did! Everyone I know gets cheaper, even my nearly blind Sis. I think they see me coming.

  4. Enjoyed your "catch up" post, as usual. Wish we had the colorful birds (love those cardinals) you do. (Your current blog header photo is gorgeous.) Strange to think of you getting a roofing job done when our roofs are covered with a solid layer of snow! We need more roof work done (which we were forced to start ourselves last summer) but of the three roofers we had out for an estimate, none of them seemed very eager for the work. One never got back to us and the other two gave estimates that seemed outrageous. As for insurance companies, I think they have as big a racket going as any other unscrupulous business. You pay and pay your premiums but they always find a devious way of getting out of paying any and all claims. I am ranting now so I'll sign off. :o]

    1. We have the same problem if it is a 'small job'. I was surprised we got these roofers when we did. It wasn't cheap but compared to the $10 to 12,000 for removing three layers and a new roof it sounded good to us!

      I think it all ties in with Obamacare. I agree with the concept but they certainly have some 'kinks' as dear Hillary pointed out. Enough said.

  5. Nice to hear the roof is done and you are both well...considering, before we know it, Spring will be here, Glenda!...:)JP

    1. Where did winter go? These days are moving way too fast.....scary.

  6. Hi Glenda, it's so nice to see bare ground and patches of green grass! We have 18" of snow here and I think it's going to be around for awhile. Congratulations on the good health news. Have you ever heard of preserving eggs in a sort of water bath? I saw it on a blog, using a crock and carefully stacking the eggs, narrow end down, and then covering it with some sort of watery preservative (supposedly can purchase this) and then covering with a lid, set in a cool place such as a basement or cellar. I know un-washed eggs can keep for weeks. I always enjoy your photos of your land/farm.