Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cooler Weather Has Awakened the Beast

48° here this morning and it will drop a few degrees by sunrise.  We are loving it.  I am getting very motivated to do some much needed inside work!

I have put off doing anything inside the house for a couple of years now....due to some health related issues but a few days ago we visited Lowe's and I bought materials to repair the damaged ceiling in the bedroom and bathroom (due to leaks that have been repaired, ceiling paint,  master bedroom paint, and kitchen paint.

I also got very daring and bought just one gallon of outside white!  We have steel siding that is probably over 40 years old and the paint has worn off on the  south side enough that it is very noticeable.  I have plans to paint  just that side.

I started the kitchen and back porch yesterday.  I did the back splash area under the kitchen cabinets.  I am using the same color so if I miss some bits in the far corners it won't be noticed.  I had take everything off and clean as a first step.  What an improvement that made.....need to do it more often.

I also painted around the back porch door using the same  kitchen paint.  I  am liking it better  than the sort of pinkish off-white it was before.

I don't paint for long don't get too exhausted.  That seems to work  best  for me these days.

I also hung a new vanity light in the master bath.  The other had failed and only one light  worked.  I had removed it some time  ago hoping to fix it but couldn't.
Max gets everything ready for me and stands close to keep me balanced or to fetch and carry.  He doesn't work above his head or where he get in too much of a bind.....not something he is supposed to do. The fixture went up very quickly but rehanging  the blasted heavy mirror took longer.  It has a chain behind for hanging and we had to try to hook that on the screw......crazy way but it was here when we moved.  I will be changing that to  a heavy duty hanging wire.

It looks a bit  cockeyed in this photo but the fixture was angled somewhat.  Everyone we looked at was the same.  I see I need to  wash the mirror now.

 We made the ceiling repair a week ago, not too  professional looking but we are satisfied.


Our 21 year old granddaughter that stayed with us during the summer a couple of years ago (where does the time go?) has become interested in cooking.  So far, mostly baking (after gram's own heart). She has made an apple pie and two kinds of my bread.  This required lots of texting and made me decide to finally get all my recipes in order on the internet.  I settled on using Google Drive and am loving the simplicity of it.  I can share by just sending a link.  I still haven't got them all done yet.  I also want to do a section on  just some general tips on what to do when and how much for any who has never really cooked a meal.
I am enjoying it.

The only negative is I see a recipe I  haven't done for some time and before you know it, I am taking a typing break and in the kitchen!  So far, it has been Max's favorite white sheet cake with bakery icing and then yesterday typing  chicken and dumplings.....yes, I boiled a chicken and late in the afternoon (after cleaning up  the painting) de boned it and  today we will be having  Mom's style chicken and dumplings (no baking powder allowed).

I made another frivolous purchase on the internet; that is what our daughter calls them.  I am trying to be more conservative but I couldn't resist this.

From Penney's and it  was  really cheap.  I was impressed by the quality when I got it.  I have plans for a centerpiece for  Thanksgiving.  I think it will work as well for just a Fall theme and not just Thanksgiving.


  1. Thanks you Angela! I haven't posted regularly and I need to get more comfortable with the picture embedding. Think I have it figured out now.

  2. You really got busy. I wish I had your energy.

    1. My energy is not a steady thing. For over a year I had almost zero energy. I am really appreciating my good days now.

  3. Your renewed energy inspires me. You're doing a great job and your cooking/baking makes me hungry.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your fantastic weather.


  4. Hi Glenda! Will you please bottle up some of that energy and send it my way? I need to do some painting and your photos are inspiring. Maybe after it finally cools down enough to turn off the a/c.
    I loved reading about your granddaughter baking and the recipes you have put on the computer. Most young women I know, my daughter included, don't want to cook very much. Do you know in all the years I've been cooking that I've never made dumplings! If you have time, I'd love to get your recipe and I'll give it a try.
    Have a nice weekend and Happy Fall to you!

  5. Just lookit you go, girl. Where did all that energy come from? LOL We enjoyed a wonderful September, cool, over 6" of rain, dry crispy days.... I have been busy too and have even taken time to put up a new post ('bout time!). Now that you've got the kitchen looking like a magazine spread, I'll bet there's going to be a lot of baking posts soon. Enjoy.


    1. The energy is just in limited spurts. I do appreciate them. I still have my good days and my not-so-good. It is very cool here too.

  6. Gosh, your night time temps are cooler than ours here in northern Minnesota! Your fall themed tablecloth was not a frivolous purchase. I love it! I had to chuckle when you wrote about going over recipes and then having to get up and cook. I think we may be related! In our house, it's Papa Pea who does the bulk of the overhead work. I don't have the sustainable strength to do much of it. May be a leftover from two frozen rotator cuffs of mine! You are such a talented gal what with your ability to tackle most anything. Especially the mechanical and electrical repair you do. I so admire that.

    1. My Dad was a carpenter and jack of all trades. He taught me what little I know and I bought books on plumbing and wiring. I actually gutted a bathroom and rewired it. I hired the plumbing since it was a new thing. I was pretty proud that everything worked when I finished.

      I think they were the Sunset series of how-tos. Great help.

  7. You are gifted beyond measure, Glenda. Blessed with strength and spirit to persist, and smart enough to know when to rest.

    We had to figure out how to do things with tools and hydraulics when we are not strong enough to continue the way we used to do things.

    Last night we laughed when I said, "We prepared for old age but we didn't expect it so soon!"