Friday, October 7, 2016

Sweet Potato Harvest

Good Friday morning.  It is a cool damp one here on the farm.  It rained some during the night but not much.  It is supposed to get to 80° today but if it stays cloudy that won't happen.

Good news is I finally got the kitchen finished and it almost  did me in!  I took a couple of days off....I am way out of shape for painting and climbing ladders!  But I got it done and am very pleased.

I have delayed digging sweet potatoes and then seeing the grub damage on Ilene's harvest decided I better get Max and get busy.  He  hooked up the cart and took to the garden.  I began cutting tops and digging.  It have never had such lush vines and I had clipped them several times during the season.  I guess our fairly heavy and timely rains caused this growth.  Things were going well and I was very pleased with the harvest.....about the only thing that has done well in the garden this year.  These are Beauregards.  About all you can find anymore.  I like them very much.

I want to weigh the crop  because at current price of .99/lb I suspect they paid for the entire garden venture this year.

I ruined the whole experience by taking a very hard fall just before finishing.  My feet got tangled in the blasted vines and sweet potato vines do not break easily, but I do fall easily.  I hit the bridge of my nose, actually my glasses hit my nose, against the hard handle of the loppers....I was stunned  for a second but managed to crawl to the low limbs of the apple tree and pull myself up.  I knew Max couldn't do it alone and I needed something that didn't move at all.  Blood dripped off the end of my nose, but I dug three more hills  before  quitting.  I am fine except I look like I have been in a prize fight.  May even get black eyes.

Part of the issue is the chronic dizziness so when I begin to pitch forward, there is no catching myself or stabilizing, I fall!  period!  So far no serious damage from the falls. 

I am hoping all my friends along the east coast are safe from the hurricane!

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh, Glenda, I exclaimed out loud when you said you fell! Dang, don't cha just hate it when things like that happen? I think we need to see a picture of this fight you had with the sweet potato vines. You'll get a lot of sympathy that way!

    Good to hear you got the kitchen done, and what a nice crop of sweet potatoes. You read more and more how good they are for us. We can't grow them here as our night time temps don't consistently stay warm enough. I do buy them now and then at our organic co-op, but would love to have our own.

    Take care of yourself. Did you damage your glasses in your fall?

    1. The glasses are a new very light-weight plastic and were not damaged at all. I have been very luck with my falls so serious damage to them or me!

  2. Dear Glenda ~ I am so sorry you had that fall and hurt yourself! Bless your heart. I hope your healing is swift.

    Those sweet potatoes look good.

    Happy Fall to you and I am so glad hurricane Matthew is gone from here. Scary night last night for me.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

    1. Happy to hear the storm passed and you can relax.

  3. What a nice harvest. Sorry that you had a fall. Darn vines are everywhere. Hope you don't get that black eye!

  4. I was so excited at seeing the sweet potatoes, and horrified to see that you fell. You are so brave, and tough to keep at it.

    Being careful is so inconvenient. Today I was only going up 2-3 steps to get pots placed in the greenhouse. Coming down I had to stop. STOP and decide which foot should come down first to have the best footing.

  5. I have learned from experience that I am right legged; left handed but definitely right leg is strongest. I know exactly what you mean about deciding which foot to lead with. I have done that repeatedly climbing the short ladder for painting. My Little Giant Ladder paid for itself with this one job.

  6. Oh Glenda, such a price to pay for that good sweet potato harvest. I'm so happy that you didn't hurt yourself more seriously. I, too, have to watch steps, etc. I barely caught myself from falling downstairs a couple weeks ago, but in the process I wrenched my shoulder/back by holding onto the railing for dear life. Warm washclothes will help the bruises dissipate a little quicker. Take care.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your fall. That had to hurt but you are a trooper and kept going. The sweet potatoes look wonderful. I love to bake mine and then just butter it and eat it. I know you're glad the kitchen work is done. Take care and have a good week!

  8. That is what I do with all the fingerlings. I love them cold. Just peel and eat.

    Black eye is almost gone.