Monday, October 24, 2016

Another Day on the Farm

I had another one of my nights.......came to the kitchen at 1:30 but finished the night in my recliner....up at 4 AM which is sleeping in for me.  I feel rested ready for another day of Milk Parlor cleaning. I would have shown before and after but the before was humiliating.......I might show after if it pleases me.

I now have filled two extra large trash cans....I am saving nothing in question.  Today I hope to finish.  Will put up the shelves and clean the floors good with a garden hose.  There are two floor drains  since it was a Milk Parlor and had to be cleaned daily.

You will not be seeing many baking pictures....I am being careful of calories for both of us.  Makes me sad but it is necessary.  I will still be baking whole grain breads.


This is what I was doing the morning of the HA. New trimmers at work again and the electric chainsaw.  I cut down the row of perilla that edges the light pole bed....some stems were so large and tough I had to use the saw.  I began pulling plants from the flower bed on the right when Max came in from the farm and said he was tired and going in.  I quit too. 
About an hour later he got sick.  The debris is still  laying there, curing.  I will get to it eventually.

This is Black and Blue Salvia, still looking very good.

This is a very dark purple buddleia on the corner of the shop 

I am seeing several re-blooms on the clematis.  This is H.F. Young

and this is Hagley Hybrid that grows on the rock well house south wall.
This is a native eupatorium.  I let grow.  You have to remove most of them or you would be wall-to-wall with them.  I will set this out in the front ditch soon.

I  will do more farm pictures next.


  1. Isn't it amazing how much "clean up" there always is to do around a farm/homestead? When one of us gets to grumbling about that very fact, the other of us will be sure to say, "Well, do you want to sell and move into a condo with a monthly maintenance service?" That usually stops the grumbling!

    I know I'm not knowledgeable about all your plantings and flowers, but what is the wire "cage" for in the last photo?

    1. The wire cage is a live trap that we tried repeatedly to get the ground hog. No luck. We have caught many, many skunks and opossums in the traps.

      We do the same thing about moving to town and gets the same answer. No!

  2. OH, I do hope Max will be able to fight off whatever he's coming down with. Awful to get sick when there is much to do. Also hope you don't catch whatever it is. My HFYoung didn't rebloom this year, but then I didn't cut it back at all after the spring show. My B&B is still going strong, but suspect it will succumb to imminent frosts. The ash trees are in process. So much carnage yesterday and more coming today. What a loss. Pace yourself, Glenda. Take care.

    1. Kris his 'sick' was he had another heart attack last Tuesday. He had 3 more stents put in. He is doing fine but gets tired easily. I think mostly due to one of he new meds.

      We are both pacing ourselves! A couple of hours of a morning and that is pretty much it.

    2. I didn't know about the heart attack! Omigosh. I'm glad he was able to have the stents put in. And we all know how tricky it is to balance meds. Sending prayers....

  3. I received the same request and also declined.