Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Daylilies Survive

I have been trying  to keep  up with my  favorite blogs but haven't attempted to post.  My friend down south
who blogs as Seed Scatterer
did a post dedicated  to her daylilies.  So, I am copying her idea and  showing mine.  I can even remember some names.

Daylilies on the Farm 

The weather here has been wonderful recently.  The rains have stopped and the temperature dropped just a little.  Of course, that means the dew was so heavy I kicked up water as I did my walk-about with the camera.  Still no butterflies and very few honey bees.

These have survived with benign neglect if there can be such a thing in gardening.

This may be Bama Music it is in front of the screened porch amid lots of  variegated grass.

Fairy Tale Pink

Grape Magic (really more purple than this)

Indian Giver ( I moved this one so it had room to develop....not working will move again)

Not sure of this one.  Should be more pink but in my soil pink equals peachy.

My darkest red, Ed Murray,  meant to be planted  with gaillardia....yet  to happen.  Now surrounded by beggar lice and various other weeds.

The above two are Kwansa (called ditch lilies hereabout) I have hopes of planting them in my front  ditch where they can go wild.

  This is Leonard Bernstein in the bed outside the kitchen.  I have it in the cellar bed also.


Throwing this one in because it was next to Ed Murray and was so wonderful this year.  Up to my shoulder and long blooming.  I have no recollection of planting it here, but now have it in 4 places so I must have.

OK.  Enough.  This will be my last.  I think it is Pandora's Box.  I have more but will do them another time.

Errands await.


  1. I'm so glad you're back. Your day lily tour is very pretty.

    I've been wanting to ask you how the new style of edging trench is working for you. If it's doing its job of keeping the encroaching grass out of your beds, I'm going to make one last stab at a big oval bed in the front of the house using your method. If it's not working like your yard guys said it would, I'm giving up, tilling it all under and letting the area go back to weedy yard.

    1. Of course my 'landscape specialist' as he called himself has not shown up for over two weeks.....I knew he wouldn't after working with him.
      As for the edging. It seems to be working so far no grass has crept across the ditch. However, it is not maintenance free! The mulch has migrated down to fill the ditch and I still have to trim and often it sends chips flying.

      Also he did not lay down anything such as paper sacks or newspapers before the mulch which is a thin layer so my vigorous weeds are coming through. I am trying to spray the stubborn ones such as violets but am pulling most. I need another layer of mulch.....not sure I would do this again. It is going to mean new mulch annually and for me that is very labor intensive. I suspect my old style of growing plants so thickly that weeds can't make it it the best way here. That is more my style of gardening anyway.

      Try a very small bed that you know you can maintain yourself just for color and cutting and enjoyment. You can cram a lot into a small bed and tend it easily. good luck. Let me know what you end up doing.

  2. I thought of you just a little bit ago this afternoon wondering what you are up to there on your farm, and here's a post from you.

    Your day lilies are so pretty, my favorite your dark red one. Wow!

    So glad to see this post from you and I do hope to be seeing more. I've missed you.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh my, you have so many lovely lilies. My grandfather had a green thumb and always grew a lot of lilies. For my birthday this past spring, our daughter's thoughtful partner gave me several bulbs (lilies) which daughter planted for me (part of the gift) but so far, only about half of them are showing signs of life. I must be patient, right?