Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More Rains

Hard to believe our weather.  We have had two different rains  since the trip to town and the downpour.

They must have been significant because I now have 3 inches in my rain gauge (an empty tomato can).  As you can see in the photos we are overrun with white clover in the yard.

 This was taken standing on the patio looking north to the garden.  That is old fashioned petunias I have mulched.  I am hoping they will reseed here.  I think this is the white Rainmaster.

Not much to comment on here (please ignore the trash can, Tuesday is pickup day.  I am leaving the dead peach  tree for a while so I have a place to hand baskets or feeders.  This is taken from the patio looking south toward the front ditch and road.   That large bank of green in the upper right is my fairly new locust tree and some seedlings that I have let grow.  They screen the patio area completely from the road.
The entire yard needs mowing but has been too wet the last two days to do it. 

Max has turned to cows back into the east hayfield.  I love seeing them standing belly deep in that lush growth.  I will get out early tomorrow morning and take some pictures.  You have to be early because when the sun gets up they head for shadier area.

Happy Tuesday.

P.S.  I thought of something I wanted  to share.  When I took the first pan of cupcakes out of the oven, I flipped  the pan upside down on the kitchen floor!  They were still hot and very fluffy........so they disintegrated on the rug.  I was able to redeem 4 that stuck to the pan.   Thankfully I had two more pans to go.  So goes the ups and sometimes downs in my kitchen.  I had a bit of a clean-up to do!


  1. You really should have taken a picture of those cupcakes that did a header onto your kitchen floor. Whenever I have a disaster like that I hurry-scurry to clean up the mess and then wish I had thought to document my clumsiness to post on the blog. All of us do things like that from time to time and there's nothing you can do but laugh.

    P.S. I'm sending our honey bees to your yard of beautiful clover. They would love it!

  2. That little disaster sounds like something I do on a pretty regular basis. Have to change up how I do things so stuff doesn't happen. Everything looks so lush & green at your place.

  3. I love clover in the yard. Bees are endangered and they love it. Just don't walk in it with bare feet!!

    I have accidents like that allllllll the time. Really hacks me off.

    Your place looks so lush. Send some of that on down here, wouldya? But we had some rain yesterday and are getting some drizzle today. I'm grateful for every drop.

    I hope you and Max are well. Hugs xoxxo