Monday, January 22, 2018

Cookies and Pictures of the Remodel Project

Above freezing at last!  Ice has gone except for the little patio area outside the back porch.  The sun doesn't hit it long enough that it stays covered for a long time.  I got out the hose this morning and tried to flush it off and then realized I was making a muddy mess for the carpenter (should he show up!) so stopped.

That brings to mind my warm weather project that I hope will be next.  I want a trellis type wood cover over this area.  I think to roof it with fiberglass greenhouse panels.  I have already talked to the carpenter and he seems to understand what I want and says he can do it. This will keep us dry bringing in groceries and give a sheltered spot for pots of plants out of direct sun.  I am getting distracted  here...........

Several days ago I made a new recipe of cookies I got from Allrecipes posted by julie.  It was for White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.
 Here is my picture:

This is the front porch/aka my office:

This faces the south.  I have painted the house up to standing on the ground height.  No more ladders for me!  The carpenter, a man  of many skills, can pressure wash and paint whole house which we will probably do this spring.  It is steel siding but the finish is coming off, as you can see, after probably 40 years or so.

Sure hope my new shrubs survive the carpenter and the extreme cold!  You can barely see one in the snow on the far left foundation.


  1. The carpenter really made fast work of the office addition. I think you will like it when it's done.

  2. He is coming back Thursday and Friday. I hope he can get finished.....

  3. Didn't take the carpenter long to do this, did it? Yum, cookies look great.

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