Tuesday, January 16, 2018

UpDate on Life on the Farm

Well, first let me tell you, it is cold!  -4° this morning.  This is unusual for us but we are surviving.  We got 3-4 inches of snow yesterday which isn't that unusual and actually helps insulate foundations and plants form the horrible cold.

Sun is shining but it is still just 4 °.

We are both perking along.  Max is still doing his cow chores and I am pretty much staying inside do my inside chores.  I am still making bread.  This is the last baking.  I am  doing English Muffins next.

This is KA's recipe for Oatmeal Toasting and Sandwich bread.  I  doubled the recipe to get two loaves.  It makes such nice,large loaves we cut one slice in half for a serving.

Did anyone spot my new mixer in the background?  I wore out another Kitchen Aid,this time their pro 600 watt model.  This new style takes some getting used to but I think  it makes a better loaf of bread.  Supposedly it cuts out one rising so that when you finish kneading it in the machine it is ready to make into rolls,loaves or what you want  and let rise and the bake.  I did that one time  and it worked beautifully.  Some bread purists think you should do the second rise just for flavor....I may not be able to taste the difference  but I am still doing the extra rise. It is a Bosch Universal Plus.  I see now they have a smaller version; I maybe should have got it for just the two of us.......too late!  It was cheaper than the Kitchen Aid.

I am happy to report the new chickens have begun laying and we are delighted.  I thought we would have to wait until  much longer day lengths for eggs.
This isn't one day's production. We are getting between 5 and 7 almost  daily.  My favorite is the dark brown one.  The yolk is the same color but I still favor the dark ones.  Not sure which hen but I am thinking  the one with the pretty brown  speckled wing, a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. 

Not much else to report.  Max is now eating almost normal foods, but still is very careful with chewing hard things or even  steak. 

One new thing that I am happy about is we have hired a local man (who turns out to be the same one who did the screened porch) to enclose our never used porch off the living room (south and west facing) to make a small office area for me.  I will  finally be able to get the desk and computer out of the dining room.
He is moving very slowly due to other jobs and also because of the weather.  We anticipated this and since it does not disturb our living space at all, we are OK with the slow pace.

This is the work so far on the front enclosure.

More later.

I hope this belated post finds everyone well and  happy.  Best wishes from the cold Ozarks!


  1. Good to see a post from you, Glenda! Glad things are going well . . . even if you're having temps you would expect for our area here in northern Minnesota! I'm sure your cold snap won't last long.

    How exciting to be getting a little room for your own "office." Will you still have a door from the outside coming into it?

    1. Yes, Max thought it would look more appropriate since the steps lead up to it. It however will rarely be used but can be. I took pictures showing it but somehow deleted them. I will take more when it is warmer outside. The space is 5x10 so should give me plenty of room.

  2. Dear, dear Glenda ~ thanks for the newsy update. Your weather sounds bitterly cold to me, but the pictures look lovely. You will enjoy your new office space. We did the same thing here. Took the 6'x8' front stoop and enclosed it. It does have a door with a 9 pane window look on the top half. We do not use that door for entry into the house, we use the kitchen door. My space, has my computer, printer, crafting supplies, and 3 bookcases of books. I am in here every single day.

    Photos of your bread baking are always great to see. I know you'll enjoy your new mixer.

    Happy January to you & Max. Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. My space is 5 x 10. We will have a country style door here too, but have never used it. Max thought we should still have a door. I love your space, mine will be much simpler I am sure. I don't want the windows covered except at night.

  3. It's only -4 here too, Glenda. We have 6+ inches of snow and a slight flurry right now. So glad your new girls and stepping right up and laying well for you. I know how much you enjoy those fresh eggs. Will the enclosed space be heated or will you only use it during mild months? Glad to see you posting again. I cannot bring myself to do mine anymore. Take care! Kris

    1. Kris, so glad to hear from you again! The only heat will be if I open the large dining room window that almost covered the east wall. This porch is on the southwest corner of the house. I can always plug in a small heater in extreme cold.

      I am posting just now and then. My winter days are just so boring, basically routine house work, cooking and reading. Hope things are going well for you.

  4. It was warm here today in west central MN. I'm glad to read your post and like the idea of a separate office space away from the regular traffic of the house. I was just given a free Kitchen Aid mixer that I hope to try out soon. Phil/Eagle Bend, MN

    1. Welcome to my Ozarks (on/off) blog. You will enjoy the mixer. I have had two! If using for bread, just don't let it overheat.....cool down before you finish kneading.