Friday, January 26, 2018

A new Cooking Venture and other daily Trivia

Good morning from the Ozarks.

Supposed to be another nice day here before rain moves in again.  We are not fussing about the rain since we started winter very dry.

The carpenter is working....he has the wood beadboard paneling up but not  trimmed yet.

Also I may have solved my bird feeder issue.  We used to have an old Elm tree that we used for bird feeders but our many storms ruined it and made it dangerous to leave so we had it removed.

I found this on Amazon and we set it up yesterday evening, also the new feeder at the kitchen sink window.  I wanted something there that I could see all around.  I hope this isn't to wide for that.

So far,  the birds aren't  flocking to the feed.  Max thinks it is too old and mice have been at it in the garage.  I think we will toss it to the chickens and get fresh seeds on our next town run.


Well, I have done it.   Three days ago I began a sourdough starter.  I am using King Arthur's directions.  Kris, I am shut out of your blog so couldn't read back on your technique.  This is looking good and growing nicely.  I may try a couple of KA's recipes using the discarded portion of  the starter.  It all sounds interesting. I do hate tossing out that not quite ready starter.  Of course, there is always the chicken flock.  They love scraps of  all kinds.

I have already made a mistake for  day 3.  I was not discarding all but the l/2 cup.  I just took out the 1/2 cup (thankfully didn't toss it yet) and fed the remaining which was maybe two cups......I fed my 1/2 cup and now have the correct thing going.  I am still letting the larger amount grow.  Who knows what I will end up doing with it.....this is a fascinating new venture.

The first picture is the new correct mix of fed 1/2 cup 3-day old starter; second is showing from the top,  first is new batch (no bubbles yet); second is older fed batch already with bubbles.

All for today.


  1. You're such a master bread baker that I know you'll be a success with the sourdough bread, too. As others have said, I wish we lived next door to each other. It would be a sacrifice, but hubby and I would be willing to sample any and all baked goods you turn out! ;o)

    Believe it or not, I've not baked any goodies since the December 3rd annual cookie baking day with my daughter. (And, no, we're not still eating any of those goodies. They are gone, gone, gone.) Hubby keeps saying not to bake anything 'cause he'll just snarf it up. Being so inactive with his recuperation from his fall on December 23rd, he's afraid he's going to put on weight. I sure am getting a craving for a pie (still have lots of apples in the root cellar) or something though. Don't know how much longer I can hold out. :o/

  2. Can you post the link to Kris's blog?

    1. Lots of good gardening tips and food info.

  3. I think you'll have some wonderful sourdough bread that you and Max will enjoy.

    I have beadboard in my little creative space, which is 6'x8'. It has a pale creamy wash over it so that the grain shows through, and with that golden wood it looks like it's pale peach in color. I love it.

    Have a great weekend dear Glenda ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. This is on my list to try, so I will be following your venture with the sourdough starter, especially what you do with the extra. Whey they say to discard it, I am curious what it could be used for. I see the starter can be dried too, which nice to know.

  5. Hi Glenda. Sorry, I've had my blogs shut down so long I forgot everyone was blocked. I've opened up the main blog and the kitchen blog so have at it. You are making a LOT starter at once. I only do 1/4C + 1/4C feed. Then save off the extra 1/4C every day before new feed. In a couple days I have more than enough saved starter for things like pancakes, etc. I only use 1/4C of starter per loaf of bread. Good luck and have fun.


    1. Bless you Kris! I have already decided I don't like KA's method. It uses half the amount of water as flour which makes it pretty tricky to mix really well. I am not tossing it though. You are right about the amount, for us less would be better.

    2. Originally when I fed I used equal 1/4C spelt & 1/4C water. Remona (my starter) did better with a tad less water than spelt. A bit thicker, but oh my how she rises to the occasion!

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