Saturday, February 3, 2018

Busy Times on the Farm

What a day or I should say week it has been! Sure been busier than I like.

Last week was getting the farm truck inspected and licensed. They closed the office we are used to going to. Found we like the new place even better.
Max also had to renew his driver’s license.

Then this week, the 31st was our Mama cat’s surgery . Went smooth as silk; she never fussed at all! I was very proud of her. She is doing well. She is even letting those 3-month old babies nurse. I figure if it hurts her, she will stop them.

    The big news was my computer died! It was too old for the Geek Squad to fix. I did have enough sense to ask them to remove my hard drive. So now my son can retrieve anything lost for me. I may have mentioned he is a computer/electrical engineer…..and extremely conservative (tight!) so I had him pick me out a tower at Amazon and he picked a refurbished one for $204 and another one that I had picked out for $349. He laughed at me when I asked if the refurbished worried him and told me he would buy if from me if I wasn’t happy with it.
I took a chance and with my points got the thing for $104!
It came today (with Windows 10) so there is a learning curve. I do have it up and have downloaded my FTM software and Quicken and have successfully backed up those files! I feel like I can finally breathe. It seems much faster to me than the older computer with Windows 7.

Carpenter hasn’t showed all week but will be here tomorrow to work on my offfice. Slowly things will start smoothing out, please.

I know these are not serious things but we live such a humdrum life that these little upsets are just that upsets.


I will just say that the sourdough project is not going well. I now have a new flour and water batch going and one using milk, flour and sugar. Kris, I couldn’t find a step by step on your blog when you first began yours.

I hope I don’t get aggravated and just give up……………..


Carpenter just called and begged of for today..............I will not get upset; I will not get upset.

This shows the wider windowsill I asked it very much.  I have one coat of paint on and need to do more.


  1. You are brave to go with Windows 10. I'm hanging on to my Windows 7 as long as I possibly can. I have heard others say that the learning curve for Windows 10 is driving them crazy. (Maybe I shouldn't have said that, eh?) I am still so computer illiterate that once I can work with something, I really balk at having to learn something new. So much of it (the technical language) makes no sense to me. I'm a dinosaur (and a stubborn one), I'll admit it.

    Love a wide window sill. Have always admired those old European stone houses with the two foot thick walls and window sills to match.

  2. I did the same until my Windows 10 until failed. I suspect now it could have been easily fixed by my son but he lives in St. Louis and travels a lot and I hate to wait......

    I think my 10 is an update because it allowed me to upload my Quicken 2005 which isn't compatible with Windows l0. I did find it doesn't allow me to write a cd or disc. (I don't think), I rarely do that but this weekend found a disc of really old family photos that had been scanned on a CD and I wanted to send one to my Sis. Spent some time resizing them in batches of 15 and sending them as an attachment. It worked which is all that mattered.

    BTW: Carpenter showed up today after canceling yesterday. I may see an end in signt!