Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 15-23 A Record for no Posts

I just haven't felt bloggy.....some family illnesses and other issues that seemed to sap my energies.

First the weather: we finally got a lovely 1 inch rain and it has been pretty cool.  We have had three frosts so far, one pretty heavy with a low of 29°.

I did make myself go out and harvest some tomatoes and the peppers.  I was surprised at the ripe tomatoes.

Bless the peppers.  They finally came through and the cheese peppers were just loaded with tiny little green ones about an inch or less across.

I have had to mow again....hopefully the last time. The trees are loosing leaves rapidly now.

I ran across a real bargain a few days ago.  We had stopped at a local Farm Supply store for something else and I saw the boxes of Muck Boots stacked outside marked $20 (I gave over $80 for my winter ones.) These were all the low tops, just perfect to step into to do yard and garden work in hotter weather.  I can just hose them off.  I was delighted to find my size.

Note the dirty rug.  We are either the dirtiest people on earth or our farm  is!  We track in more dirt...We are now practicing the Japanese tradition of removing shoes by the back door.  Ilene, pay attention now:  You cannot walk into a chicken yard or chicken house without stepping in something!   You may need some of these!

But gathering the eggs make it worth it!

I tried to capture a picture of the heavy frost but it wasn't too successful.

 I made my annual batch of mincemeat and candied some citrus peel.  More about  that in the next post.


  1. Great score on the muck boots. And I'll give you a run for your money on just who tracks in the most crud from outside. LOL You got a great pic of the hard frost. All blue and cold. Brr. Our weather is still surprisingly mild and our first front last night was pathetic compared to yours. Bet you whip up something luscious with all those eggs...

  2. Looking forward to the candied citrus peel! Glad your back to blogging, but don't feel sorry for being gone, we all need a blog-break once in a while.

  3. Hi Glenda, good to see you back in blogland! We haven't had the frost like you've had here in mid-MO. This weekend was beautiful. I wish we could keep this until spring. Yeah, I know...I love to dream! Looks like a great bounty gathered from your garden. Speaking of dirt, we live at the edge of town, but I sure get a lot of dirt tracked in by hubby. He's doesn't realize how dirty his lineman's boots are!
    Have a good week!

  4. Me too, not much swirling around in this old brain of mine to blog about! Those shoes are perfect for yard work and you got them for a great price, don't cha love that? That's a pretty decent crop of late summer tomatoes and peppers, I imagine you will be putting them in the freezer or canning since there is so many. It's supposed to turn off cool midweek and a chance of rain then, have my fingers crossed. The diets are getting old but hubby has lost 9 pounds, that's really good. Me, 3 measly pounds...that's always the way it is. I feel like I'm going to turn into a rabbit and I'd kill for a slice of bread! Have a good week Glenda!

  5. I've been in a blog funk for a while now. Nothing seems interesting enough to write about. I love muck boots and that is a great price. I have garden shoes similar to those and I hose them off regularly. I take them off next to the door before coming in to keep down part of the dirt that gets tracked in.

    I love the picture of the wild turkeys.

  6. Bloggyland breaks are just fine! Sometimes it's like writer's block~
    Wish I had some of those green tomatoes..Yumalicious!
    Blessings my friend, K

  7. I want some of those muck boots! Amazon has the same thing for $69.95 and free shipping. You scored!

    Yeah, I know about that Japanese custom. I wear my old Crocs when I go into the chicken yard, I;ve worn the bottoms smooth so if I scuffle on the way back to the house, everything;s off by the time I get there. But I still kick off shoes at the door, beige carpet.

    Glad you got some peppers. You;ll see those cheese peppers have hardly any seed or hollow space, so they are more than they look like. Less than ten tomatoes for me this whole year.

  8. Great looking produce! I had intended to pick the rest of the green tomatoes for relish but it was 30 degrees this morning-haven't checked them but they are probably ruined now.

    Sounds like a great buy on the boots!

    Made a rustic apple tart the other day like your photo-family really enjoyed it-I used Splenda Sugar Blend so it was semi good for us as we are all diabetics.

  9. I've never seen muck boots. I have several old pairs of athletic shoes that I wear in the garden. I have to make myself take them off when I come in, but sometimes don't, and do a bit of tracking of mud around. My entryway does not stay clean for any length of time.

    Your tomatoes, peppers, and eggs are pretty. The frost shows up very well in your photo.